Thank you for taking the time to participate in the 2024 Biophysical Society elections and voting for the candidates you think are best suited to lead our Society. The ballot includes 2 candidates for President-Elect, 1 candidate for Treasurer, and 8 candidates for Council.

The slate of candidates was presented by the Nominating Committee and approved by Council. The Committee worked diligently to ensure that the slate reflects the diversity of scientific interests and demographics of our Society membership. The 4 individuals elected to serve on Council will join these current members of Council. At minimum, 1 non-US candidate will be ensured a seat on Council*.

Before casting your vote, make sure to review and familiarize yourself with the candidates biographical sketches and their statements.

President-Elect Nominee Videos


To vote using the online ballot, simply log in using your myBPS account. Once you are logged in, the "Start Voting" button will be enabled.  Once you click on the "Start Voting" button, you will be directed to the online ballot form. Only current members of the Biophysical Society who joined or renewed on or before May 30, 2024, may vote.

The Biophysical Society is a vital and growing organization, thanks in large part to the active involvement of our members. Nowhere is member involvement more evident than in the annual voting process, where every member's participation is essential to shape the Society's future. Thank you for voting! 

* For Council, 4 of the 8 candidates will be elected. Of the 8 candidates on the 2024 ballot, 3 are international members who live and work outside of the US. To ensure continued representation for the nearly one third of BPS members who are international, the international candidate for Council with the highest number of votes will be guaranteed a seat on Council. Should more than 1 international candidate finish in the top 4, all of those candidates will earn seats on Council.