Biophysical Reports

Open for infinite possibilities

Biophysical Reports—the newest addition to the Biophysical Society family and a Cell Press partner journal—is a high-quality, forward-looking gold open access (OA) publishing option for the research community. We help you advance biophysics by making it easier for specialists and generalists to share new insights into experimental data or new technologies and methodologies. At Biophysical Reports, open means rigorous, accessible, concise, and fast.

The new journal provides another option for Biophysical Society members and others to publish their work, particularly those who are mandated to publish in OA journals. Research will be considered from all disciplines encompassed by biophysics, with a particular emphasis on methods and techniques for biophysical research, as well as concepts and ideas that present major conceptual advances or represent new views on existing data and results. The journal is committed to rapid publication of articles that are written for specialists as well as those written for the broader biophysics community.