Publication Resources

BPS is pleased to offer a list of resources that may be useful to our author community.  Most of these fall into the category of Editing Services. These companies can help authors to improve the English in their manuscripts before the manuscripts are submitted for review by a journal. Some even offer editing services post peer review to help assimilate revisions to the manuscript. The services offered by such companies can be very helpful for authors whose first language is not English. Many companies offer customer service in multiple languages. If you have a company to recommend, or would like to provide feedback about any of the companies listed, please contact [email protected].

Disclaimer: BPS has no connection or any reciprocal financial arrangements with any of the services listed here. These are referrals only. Authors understand that these services are completely independent of BPS and the peer-review and editing process. Consult this list and investigate the companies carefully to determine which one would best meet your particular criteria.


The main purpose of this global network is to help early-career researchers in developing countries to find mentors who can help them to further their research careers. Mentors can help with presentations, posters, grant proposals, and manuscript preparation. They can also offer assistance with research methods and analysis, determining appropriate journals for submitting manuscripts, manuscript preparation, writing style, the peer review process, and how to respond to referees’ comments, as well as advising on scientific communication in general.


Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.

The ORCID Registry is available free of charge to individuals, who may obtain an ORCID identifier, manage their record of activities, and search for others in the ORCID Registry.

Editing Services

  • BioScience Writers Scientific Editing and Proofreading

    All editors speak English as their first language and are PhD- or MD-trained scientists who understand the requirements for publishing science, technical, and medical documents. Different levels of manuscript advice are available, for different prices. This company is owned and managed by an active scientist. Every document is edited by a subject matter expert first and then by a language expert. Journal-ready formatting of a manuscript is available. BPS members receive a 15% discount on their 1

  • Editage

    Editage offers editing, translation, and writing services and works closely with journal authors worldwide to improve their success in publication. Editage guarantees that a manuscript is analyzed and assigned to a closely matched subject matter expert (PhDs, MDs, and BELS-certified editors) and offers a second-level check by a senior editor to ensure quality and timeliness. They claim more than 1,400 subject-specialist English editors.

  • Eloquenti

    Eloquenti is a modern platform launched by academic researchers, which allows customers to browse editor profiles and select manuscript editors based on subject matter expertise, pricing, and reviews. Most Eloquenti professionals are scientists and researchers themselves, specializing in the editing of scientific manuscripts.

  • Enago

    Enago specializes in scientific editing services and medical manuscript editing & proofreading services for research papers and reviews. We offer three editing services – Proofreading, Copy Editing, and Substantive Editing. Our expert editors ensure your document meets the highest standards with flawless language and precise formatting.

  • International Science Editing (Compuscript Ltd)

    International Science Editing offers an in-depth substantive editing service that will significantly improve a paper in terms of clarity, structure, and style. This service also includes the fundamentals of editing, such as improving grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency. They can help rewrite and structure your paper and offer helpful suggestions and advice in responding to reviewers’ comments. BPS members receive a 15% discount.

  • ScienceDocs Editing Services

    ScienceDocs is a US-based, specialist-driven editing company with editors in biochemistry; engineering, math, and physics; genetics, cell, and molecular biology; materials science; neuroscience, and more. Editors are highly published PhDs and MDs, veteran researchers, and university professors. Also offered are grant proposal writing consultation, statistical study design consultation, and translation services.

  • Scribendi

    Expert English editors will review your draft, checking it for grammar, spelling, and typographical errors and making suggestions to improve your writing in terms of clarity, academic style, word choice, sentence structure, and consistency. They offer an English Academic Editing service is helpful if English is not your first language, as professional editors will identify and fix areas that commonly cause problems, such as article usage, count vs. non-count nouns, transitions, and much more.

  • ServiceScape

    ServiceScape has accomplished editors who can add the right finishing touch so that your journal article is the very best it can be. Whether you are an experienced English writer or an author for whom English is not your first language, ServiceScape can prepare your article for publication. In addition to editing they provide graphic design, writing, and translation services.