Student Chapter Events Grant

The Education Committee annual mini-grant opportunity will provide BPS Student Chapters with up to $500 (reimbursable with exceptions) to help host events. The goal of the program is to motivate Student Chapters to plan ahead and remain active in their community. The number of activities/events, location, and format of the event is up to the Chapter organizers. Student Chapters are encouraged to get creative and plan events that will promote interactions between the Chapter and their community and promote biophysics and the Society. The deadline for Student Chapter Events Grant applications is November 6, 2023. 

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Matching Reimbursable Funds

As a recognized chapter, you are eligible to receive up to $200 in matching reimbursable chapter related expenses for your first year of recognition. Proof of matching funds must be sent to BPS. Eligible expenses may include costs associated with hosting chapter activities or events, purchasing chapter supplies, or other related expenses incurred from Chapter activities.

Fundraising Methods

To assist chapters with raising additional funds, we have assembled a list of fundraising methods that have worked in the past for our chapters.

School-based funding sources:

Some chapters receive a portion of their funds directly from their school. School-based funding sources tend to favor projects that benefit students or the school directly.

  • Explore all avenues for funding. Administrative departments and alumni associations may have funds set aside for student activities. 
  • Ask members of other on-campus student organizations about funding sources they have found and used.
  • Prepare all applications or requests for funds carefully. Be sure to demonstrate how the money will benefit the students and/or school in some way.

Chapter Dues:

Some chapters require local dues from members. The implementation of these dues is up to your discretion and can be either on a one-time basis or recurring basis. You may also consider waiving local dues for members with demonstrated financial need, and perhaps even maintaining a scholarship fund for these students.

Sponsors and Partnerships:

Local businesses are often willing to sponsor events in exchange for acknowledgement or ad space in the event program. Reaching out and connecting with the owner can be much more productive than attempting to work with large chain brands. While some businesses will donate money, others prefer to contribute goods, services, or store credit. Consider soliciting any of the following:

  • Food or goods to be used at events
  • Items to raffle or incentive prizes for contests and events
  • Giveaways for event attendees or donor gifts
  • Supplies for chapter events or projects
  • Coupons or discount codes