The Biophysical Society is excited to announce the launch of the BPS Student Chapter program. This program aims to build active student chapters around the globe, increase student membership and participation within the Society, and promote biophysics as a discipline across college campuses through activities organized by the chapters. Chapters may be formed within a single institution, or regional chapters may be developed between multiple, neighboring, institutions. 

Required at the time of submission:

  1. Signed Endorsement & Petition Forms and Completed Chapter Information Sheet
  2. Chapter Bylaws
  3. BPS Membership of all proposed Chapter Officers and Chapter Sponsor
  4. Responses to the following questions by the proposed Chapter Sponsor and President, in order to assess the viability of the chapter:
  • How many members do you anticipate in the first year of chapter recognition?
  • How many members do you currently have on board?
  • About how many faculty are there at the institution who are biophysical society members?
  • Does your institution have an undergraduate biophysics major, minor, or certificate program? (How many majors/minors?)
  • Does your institution have a biophysics graduate program, department, or certificate? (How many students?)
  • Are you interested or in the process of starting a biophysics program at the undergraduate or graduate level? (Projected number of students.)
  • Do you have a related program, major, minor, certificate etc. that is a natural funnel for students into your biophysics program? (Projected number of students.)
  • Do you have a large number of students working for faculty doing biophysics research? (number of students in biophysics research)
  • Do you have any additional comments for consideration in recognizing your Chapter?

For a complete list of instructions on forming an official BPS Student Chapter, please refer to the BPS Student Chapter Organization Manual and Sample Bylaws and Forms linked below. Within these documents you will find guidelines on structuring a chapter, sample bylaws, duties of officers and committees, and the Endorsement and Petition forms required to apply to become a recognized chapter.

Student Chapter Organization Manual (PDF)

Sample Bylaws and Forms (DOC)

Chapters wishing to be recognized  must submit the Endorsement and Petition Form, Chapter Bylaws, Chapter Information Sheet, and responses to the above questions to the Society Office  by May 25, 2018, for consideration.The BPS Education Committee will review and approve each new chapter. Multiple chapters wishing to start within a close geographical proximity, or chapters with limited membership, may be advised, at the discretion of the Education Committee, to form a single regional chapter. Approved chapters will be reimbursed for $200 in expenses to assist with getting started. 

Want to submit your application or have a question regarding the BPS Student Chapter Program?  Contact Us


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List of Student Chapters

US - South West  >>  Arizona

Arizona Student Chapter

Mahzad Khoshlessan

US - South East  >>  South Carolina

Clemson University

Gabriella Wheeler

Africa  >>  Egypt

Egyptian Biophysical Society Student Chapter

Soha salah


US - South East  >>  Georgia

Emory University

Allison Ramey

US - South East  >>  Florida

Florida State University

Ryan Campbell


US - Mid-Atlantic  >>  Maryland

Johns Hopkins University

Cyrus Rastegar

Europe  >>  Turkey

Mustafa Kemal University Student Chapter

Murat Dogru

US - Mid-Atlantic  >>  New York

NY Capital District Student Chapter

Jane Thibeault

US - South West  >>  Texas

Texas A&M University

Andrew Roth

US - Mid West  >>  Minnesota

The University of Minnesota Duluth Student Chapter

Kassidy Rodriguez

US - South West  >>  New Mexico

The University of New Mexico Student Chapter

Hanieh Mazloom Farsibaf

US - Mid-Atlantic  >>  Maryland

University of Maryland - College Park

Alexander Sukharev

US - Mid West  >>  Michigan

University of Michigan

Victoria Rai

US - Mid West  >>  Missouri

University of Missouri

Benton Berigan

North America  >>  Canada

York University

Samal Manidasa