The lists here provide links to organizations the Society works with in its advocacy efforts, as well as government agencies and groups that have a role in the policymaking process for science-related issues.


Below is a list of other science advocacy and policy organizations of that may be of interest to BPS members:

Europe: Initiative for Science in Europe
               Organisation for Ecoomic co-Operation and Development (OECD), Science and Technology Policy Division
Austria:  Institute of Technoogy Assessment
Catalonia:  The Advisory Board of the Parliament of Catalonia for Science and Technology
Chile:  Parliamentary Technical Advisory (ATP) of the Library of the National Congress of Chile
Finland:  Eduskunta, Committee for the Future
France:  Office Parlementaire d´Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques (OPECST)
Germany:  Office of Technology Assessment at the German Parliament
Greece:  Greek Permanent Committee on Research and Technology (GPCRT)
Japan:  Research and Legislative Reference Bureau (RLRB), National Diet Library (NDL)
Mexico:  Office for Information of Science and Technology (INCyTU) for the Mexican Congress
Netherlands:  Rathenau Instituut
Norway: Norwegian Board of Technology (Teknologirådet)
Poland:  Bureau of Research (BAS) of the Polish Sejm
Portugal:  Observatory of Technology Assessment (OAT)
Russia:  Analytical Department of the Russian Council of the Federation
Sweden: Evaluation and Research Secretariate (ERS) of the Swedish Riksdag
Switzerland: Swiss Foundation for Technology Assessment (TA-SWISS)
United Kingdom: The Royal Society