As the world shrinks and advocacy groups begin to adapt their message for specific audiences, elected officials find themselves inundated with special interests (biomedical research, education, transportation, agricultural, and countless others). To reach politicians, the messages you deliver have to be accurate, believable, and clear (ABC). This applies whether you email, tweet, meet in person, call, or send a letter. 

  • Accurate: The information presented to politicians and their staff must be accurate. Have sources readily available and be prepared to provide further information after the meeting.
  • Believable: Let the information sell itself; explain the possibilities, but do not exaggerate. Credibility is essential. 
  • Clear: Keep the science simple. Remember, few outside the scientific community fully understand the language. When advocating for biomedical research, connect your research to a disease, its causes, and possible cures.

Use this toolkit to take you step-by-step through the process of being a biophysics advocate!

Need help?

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