Succinctly communicating the societal impacts of your research and the importance of federally supported basic research initiatives to the wellbeing of our health and economic systems is critical in influencing policymakers. It has never been easier to communicate to members of our governments. However, policymakers now find themselves flooded with information and requests from various group competing, further hampering their already limited time. Now, more than ever, it is important our message stands out.

The Biophysical Society is excited to work with your to hone your message. Keep in mind that your message should be: 

  • Accurate: The information presented to politicians and their staff must be accurate. Have sources readily available and be prepared to provide further information after the meeting.
  • Believable: Let the information sell itself; explain the possibilities, but do not exaggerate. Credibility is essential. 
  • Clear: Keep the science simple. Remember, few outside the scientific community fully understand the language. When advocating for biomedical research, connect your research to a disease, its causes, and possible cures.

Check out our toolkit to discover how we can help you become a biophysics advocate.

Need help?

The Society office is here for you! Contact the society if you would like assistance preparing for a meeting, advice on how to get started, or help connecting with others in your area interested in advocacy.