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Criteria and Submission Information

The Biophysical Society will begin sponsoring small (100–150 attendees), recurring (biennial to triennial), multi-day conferences on focused topics within the broad realm of biophysics.



These conferences, held primarily in the United States and between the months of May and August, offer a unique opportunity to bring together senior researchers, postdoctoral researchers, and students to discuss the latest cutting-edge research in similar scientific areas.

Two to three proposals will be selected each year, and the Society will provide oversight and management of the conferences.

Criteria and Submission Instructions for BPS Conferences

  • Organizers must be current Society members
  • Each conference must be considered as a recurring (biennial or triennial), multi-day conference on focused topics within the broad realm of biophysics
  • Speakers must present new and exciting research
  • The proposed list of speakers must represent geographic, gender, ethnic diversity as well as career stages

Complete Submissions Must Include

  • Names and emails of the organizers (must have geographic, gender, and ethnic diversity)
  • Proposed conference title
  • Topic, scope, and explanation of the importance and why it needs to be addressed or is not currently addressed by other conferences
  • Proposed speaker list (must have geographic, gender, and ethnic diversity)
  • Preferred frequency of the conference (every 2 or 3 years)
  • Suggested conference location
  • Proposed conference dates
  • Projected number of attendees
  • Potential fundraising sources
  • Potential conflicting meetings