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The Biophysicist aims to highlight and nurture education, and its scholarship and development. The journal serves a worldwide audience to make fundamental concepts and techniques in biophysics (and related disciplines), as well as evidence-based pedagogical practice accessible to individuals at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students/trainees, active researchers, and scholars of biophysics teaching and learning.


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The Biophysicist is accepting original manuscripts from the international science community and invites submissions from scientists and educators in biophysics and related disciplines.  The articles focus on fundamental concepts and techniques used in biophysics education, as well as evidence-based pedagogical practice, accessible to individuals at all levels. 



Research Articles are invited in the following categories

  • Novel Learning and Teaching Approaches
  • Laboratory and Computational Teaching Tools
  • Research-based Studies of Student Learning
  • Biophysics Learning Perspectives
  • Adapted Research Articles

Reports are invited in the following areas:

  • Biophysics and Related Disciplines
  • Biophysics in Society
  • Student Forum
  • Book Reviews

Articles are now being accepted.
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