2014 Thematic Meetings Announced

Each year, the BPS sponsors small, focused-topic meetings organized by Society members. The Society is proud to annouce three meetings that will be held in 2014.

Modeling of Biomolecular Systems Interactions, Dynamics, and Allostery: Bridging Experiments and Computations

September 10-14, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

This meeting will bring together experimental and computational scientists to explore various aspects of well-defined biomolecular interactions, those involved in transcription regulation, protein synthesis/degradation, and various signaling and regulation processes, using different methods at different scales.

Significance of Knotted Structures for Function of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

September 17–21, 2014, Warsaw, Poland

The meeting will explore topics related to knotting, linking, and general entanglement in proteins and nucleic acids, and their relationship to folding and function. The focus will be on using physical principles to understand how nature controls tangling and untangling in both proteins and nucleic acids, focusing on understanding the consequences for function of those

Disordered Motifs and Domains in Cell Control

October 11–15, 2014, Dublin, Ireland

This meeting will be of interest to all biophysicists studying the dynamic features of conserved linear motifs within the intrinsically disordered regions of proteins and their roles in molecular recognition, as well as systems biologists studying the biological processes mediated by these molecular recognition events.




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