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Submissions to the Newsletter are welcome. Please note that submissions may be edited to meet format and spacing requirements. All material should be submitted to [email protected] and marked for the Newsletter. Photos must be 300 dpi.

Grants and Opportunities - We love to hear about chances for members to earn grants or win prizes and recognition.

Members in the News - Have you recently won an award for your career, science, teaching, or fellowships and want to feature it in the newsletter? Please send news of your award, a photo, and a press release if available.

Programs in Biophysics - Has your institution recently created a new biophysics program or department? Has it recently reorganized or expanded an existing program?  Does it have a dynamic program it would like to highlight?  Let the Society know.

On The Move - Have you changed positions recently or know of a BPS member who has? Send news of your move.

Student Center - If you are a student and you would like to be featured in the Student Center, answer the question: As a student of biophysics, what has been your favorite course and why? Send your answer along with a photo.  

Upcoming Events - Notify the Society of upcoming meetings, conferences, or workshops BPS members would be interested in attending.