Second Event of the Great Paris Membrane Club
Institut Pasteur
Centre de Biologie Intégrative des Maladies Emergentes
Paris, France
June 6, 2014


H. Poulsen, Aarhus University                                            
M. Nollmann, CBS (Montpellier)
Frederic Pincet, ENS (Paris)
Olivier Lambert, University of Bordeaux


This one-day event will bring together researchers from Paris and the greater Paris area who are interested in the recent advances in the field of Membrane Protein Biophysics. This conference is open to members of the club but also to all researchers interested in the study of membrane proteins by approaches of biochemistry, structural biology, biophysics and cell biology.

This year, the event will focus on the studies of membrane proteins in different states, from purified proteins, reconstituted in lipidic models to proteins in cell membranes.

Registration and Abstracts 

Registration for this event is now closed. If you have questions, please contact Daniel Levy at


8:00 AM Welcome
9:00 AMSeminar Starts 
 Session 1 - Structural and functional analysis of purified membrane proteins
9:15 AM Invited Speaker: H. Poulsen, Aarhus University 
10:00 AMShort Talk 1
10:15 AMShort Talk 2
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AMShort Talk 3
11:15 AMShort Talk 4
11:30 AMShort Talk 5
 Session 2 - Structural and functional analysis of reconstituted membrane proteins
11:45 AM Invited Speaker: Olivier Lambert, University of Bordeaux
12:30 PMLunch
1:30 PM Poster Session
3:00 PM Short Talk 6 
3:15 PMShort Talk 7
3:30 PMShort Talk 8
3:45 PMInvited Speaker: Frederic Pincet, ENS (Paris)
 Session 3 - Structural and functional analysis of membrane protein in cells
4:30 PMInvited Speaker: M. Nollmann, CBS (Montpellier)
5:15 PMShort Talk 9
5:30 PM Short Talk 10 
5:45 PMConclusion of Seminar