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Department of Physiology, VU University Medical Center, Netherlands


Cardiovascular failure is the most frequent cause of hospitalization in Western societies and the prognosis of heart failure patients remains poor despite advances in treatment. Progressive deterioration of vascular and myocardial function is a key feature of chronic heart failure and is the result of many different pathological processes affecting the vessels and muscle of the heart. Due to changes in lifestyle, leading to obesity, hypertension and diabetes, cardiac and vascular problems arise at a relatively young age. Although life-expectancy has significantly increased, the ageing population is characterized by chronic cardiovascular disease. The VU University Medical Center’s Department of Physiology has unique expertise in functional assays to measure muscle and vessel properties in disease models. Our mission is to design experiments to solve patient problems and identify targets for novel therapies. In close collaboration with clinical departments, we provide a translational research setting in which clinicians and basic science students interact and learn how to join forces in science.

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