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Cardiac Signaling Lab, University of California, Davis


Cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure remain the #1 killer without effective drug therapy despite decades of research. Why? The heart is a dynamic organ; the cardiomyocytes excitation-contraction is controlled by 3 dynamic systems – the electrical, the Ca2+ signaling, and the contractile system. Previous research and drug development often targeted a single molecule or a single system. However, because of the feedback interactions between these non-linear dynamic systems, a change in one system can engender unexpected changes in all systems, causing the drug effect to be unpredictable. We envision that development of effective antiarrhythmic drug therapies require a paradigmatic shift from targeting a single molecule or a single system to a new strategy that embraces the integrated behaviour of the 3 dynamical systems. Our interdisciplinary team combines modelling with experimental investigations using molecular and cellular cardiology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to advance research in 3 aspects: (1) developing innovative technologies; (2) studying the fundamental mechanisms of mechano-chemo-electro-transduction in cardiac muscle; (3) developing new drug therapies to combat heart diseases.

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