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Building a Crisis Management Plan for Your Career


Crises can happen anytime to anyone, and can affect many (if not all) aspects of your career advancement plans. As we are experiencing now, crises can derail our goals and projects, cost us precious resources to do our jobs, or even lead to job loss. As with everything in your life, you ideally want to build and execute a strong, customized crisis management plan for your career. This plan can serve as a type of insurance, as it will allow you to identify and potentially mitigate points of risk that could negatively impact your career in a crisis. It will create a cushion for you, so that when there is a crisis, you have a logical strategy already in place that will help you get back to where you need to be. In this webinar, we will address how to develop this “insurance” plan, using fundamentals from the field of crisis management itself. You will emerge with tools, tactics, and the ability to construct, test, fine-tune, and implement your own career crisis management plan.

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