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Aspiring Careers in Biophysics for Undergraduates



This virtual event for undergraduate students offers a valuable networking and social opportunity to meet other students, Biophysical Society Committee members, and scientists at all career levels to discuss academic goals and questions, and to develop a biophysics career path. The event will include a panel discussion on academic and career paths in biophysics, with opportunities for questions and answers from the audience - come prepared to find out about the course of study that aspiring biophysicists undertake, what it means to be a biophysicist, and how biophysicists make important discoveries.


Cosmo Alto, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Patricia Soto, Creighton University
Ruben Gonzalez, Columbia University
Rachel Bernstein, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Jesse Howe, Oregon State University
Yacob Gomez-Llorente, Merck

Session Moderators:

Kambiz Hamadani, California State University, San Marcos
David Stokes, New York University

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