Biophysical Reports Editor-in-Chief Call for Applications

A new open access journal

The Biophysical Society is launching a new open access journal Biophysical Reports to support the Society’s strategic goals:

  • Sharing Knowledge in and About Biophysics
  • Fostering a Global Community
  • Supporting the Next Generation

We are looking for an Editor-in-Chief to lead this exciting initiative.

Biophysical Reports will publish Letters and Reports for rapid publication, which can be written for specialists or general audiences.  Full-length scholarly articles will also be welcome, including those that report new methods or technologies that are ready for biological applications.  The journal will complement Biophysical Journal, while providing a vehicle for shorter articles with rapid turnaround and an outlet for biophysicists who prefer or are required to publish in a fully open access journal. The two Journals will coordinate possible article transfers.  Biophysical Reports will publish the highest quality original research in all aspects of biophysics, from the molecular to whole-organism levels.

The Editor-in-Chief should embody the scientific standards of the Society and support its mission. This appointment will begin January 1, 2021, for one five-year term. We believe this is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of biophysics and to launch a high-quality open access publication. 

The Editor-in-Chief will:

  • Establish the infrastructure of the editorial board.
  • Build and lead the editorial team, in conjunction with the Publications Committee and staff.
  • Develop the process for rapid review and publication of Letters and Reports.
  • Recruit exciting manuscripts through attendance at international conferences and scientific meetings.
  • Work with the Society Office staff on the day-to-day editorial management.
  • Collaborate with staff and the Society’s publishing partner, Cell Press, on effective workflows, journal website features, marketing, and social media promotion of the journal.

You will have:

  • broad interest across the full spectrum of biophysics,
  • project and/or people management skills,
  • strong organizational skills,
  • strong written and oral communication skills,
  • interest in engaging with the scientific community.
The Publications Committee welcomes applications from candidates who support and are dedicated to the Society’s Values.  There are no restrictions on scientific interests, background, gender, or geography. To apply, please submit a cover letter outlining the motivations for your interest.  We will also accept nominations. We will consider applications until August 1, 2020. Confidential applications should be made to the Publications Committee through the Society Office ([email protected]).