Biophysical Journal Editor-in-Chief Call for Nominations

The Publications Committee of the Biophysical Society is calling for nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s flagship publication, Biophysical Journal.  This appointment will begin January 1, 2022, for one five-year term.

The mission of Biophysical Journal (BJ) is to publish the highest quality original research that elucidates important biological, chemical, or physical mechanisms and provides quantitative insight into fundamental problems at the molecular, cellular, and systems and whole-organism levels. Articles published in the Journal should be of general interest to quantitative biologists, regardless of their research specialty.

The Editor-in-Chief is the steward of the scientific content of the Journal and must have a broad understanding of biophysics as an evolving discipline.  The Editor-in-Chief must have scientific stature and be committed to the Mission of the Biophysical Society, especially to enhance the position of the Journal to better serve the interests of the global community.

As the principal ambassador for and public face of the journal, you will have broad interests in biophysics; project and/or people management skills; strong organizational skills; strong written and oral communication skills; and interest in engaging with the scientific community, particularly through a social media presence using established social media accounts to promote the Journal.

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for carrying out the editorial policies established by the Society, and thus this position requires a commitment of 20–30% time and effort. The Editor-in-Chief is tasked to:

  • Establish and maintain the scientific standards of the Journal; ensure uniformity of scientific and Journal standards across all Journal content.
  • Recruit Associate Editor and Editorial Board Members and submit nominations to the Publications Committee.
  • Lead and mentor BJ’s Editorial Board, and develop processes to increase the efficiency, quality, and uniformity of the editorial processes.
  • Actively promote the journal and encourage the submission of manuscripts; recruit manuscripts at conferences; commission Special Issues and Guest Editors.
  • Identify emerging areas of importance and solicit papers for submission.
  • Write editorials that discuss issues pertinent to BJ and its constituents.
  • Work with the Society Office staff on the day-to-day editorial management of BJ.

Mission Statement: The Biophysical Society convenes and connects a global community of scientists working at the interface of the physical and life sciences and creates, shares, and advocates for biophysical knowledge and methods through programs and communities that support biophysicists. Its Values are: Scientific excellence; Integrity and Transparency; Diversity and Inclusion; and Community Building.

The Publications Committee welcomes nominations from candidates with diverse backgrounds who are dedicated to the Society’s Values.  

Confidential nominations should be made to the Publications Committee through the Society Office ([email protected]).  The candidate’s CV (or website for CV) is helpful but not required for the nomination.  A brief statement of endorsement is encouraged; self-nominations are welcome.  The deadline for nominations is August 1, 2020.