One of the most inexpensive and effective ways spread the word about Biophysics Week (BW) is through social media. Please join us in calling attention to this special week by sharing your biophysics-related events, facts, and images.

Commonly used platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs. Below we provide campaign-themed images, logos, email taglines, and a few sample posts you can use in addition to your own, original ones. Stay connected with fellow BW participants by including #BiophysicsWeek and tagging the Biophysical Society in your posts. 


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Email Signature

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Facebook & Instagram

Sample Posts: 

  • Biophysics Week is coming soon! Learn how to get involved. #biophysicsweek 
  • It’s #BiophysicsWeek! Learn about different biophysicists’ journeys. Visit 
  • Today marks the first day of #BiophysicsWeek! Learn more at and check out the Affiliate Events calendar for activities in your area

Helpful hints: Unlike Twitter, on Facebook you aren’t limited to 280 characters to relay your message. While this gives you some added room to describe your event, for example, don’t make your post too long! Lengthy paragraphs can look overwhelming and run the risk of being cut off in the newsfeed display. Use eye-catching photos and videos to draw people to your post. Be sure to respond to comments on your post–people value interaction on Facebook.


Sample Tweets:

  • #BiophysicsWeek is almost here! Do you have plans? Find the complete list of events worldwide
  • Biophysics Week is March 18-22. Check the #biophysicsweek calendar to find some fun events in your neighborhood 

Helpful hint: Tweets with photos or videos are more eye-catching. Consider using a photo or video from your event or a photo of the event poster to increase your exposure.

Images for Social Media