Artificial Intelligence in the Past, Present and the Future

3/22/2022 - 3/24/2022
Biophysical Society-Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Student Chapter facility, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University, Atatürk Conference Hall, Serinyol Campus
Antakya-HATAY, Turkey

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in the PAST, PRESENT and in the FUTUREArtificial intelligence is a long-established field of science that creates inventions to make people's lives easier. It invented automatic machines, information processing systems, and various robots previously. In recent years it has started creating simulations that look exactly like humans physically in virtual area and in view of intelligence, undrstanding, thinking, speaking, decision making. Artificial intelligence simulations are also widely used in medicine and healthcare. By looking back into the past when the idea of Artificial Intelligence emerged, the current status, applications and future use, the advantages it brings, the risks it may create and its control will be emphasized. The attention of students to this important, rapidly developed new study area will be attracted, and the awareness of the public will be tried to be raised by announcing this event and also by publishing the results in social media, printed media, Hatay Mustafa Kemal University web page and its Radio 90:0 FM. Secondary education students will be invited as listeners by writing an official letter to the National Education Directorate of Hatay.

BSC Trivia and Networking Event - Biophysics Week 2022

Biophysical Society of Canada
Toronto, Canada

Channel in Function: From Fluorescence to Electrophysiology

3/22/2022 - 3/24/2022
Laboratorio Nacional de Canalopatías, IFC-UNAM
Mexico City, Coyoacán, México

Ion channels are one of the most essential proteins in the human body and are associated with a plethora of cellular phenomena.The event's main objective is to conduct a guided tour at the Lab. Nacional de Canalopatías (LaNCa) in the IFC-UNAM for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. During the guided visit, students will learn about the current techniques we use to study ion channels or other cellular phenoma, which involves fluorescence, imaging, and electrophysiology methodologies.

Dr. Enoch Luis Baltazar, Dr. Luisa Durán Pastén and Bsc. Cesar Oliver Lara will coordinate the experimental sessions.

Due to the health measures (in the context of COVID-19) imposed by the university authorities, we can only schedule 10 students per day. Attendees will need to pre-register to schedule days and times to attend.

The Biophysics of Solutions and the Role of Viscosity and Electrical Conductivity Properties in the Study of Aqueous Solution

3/21/2022 - 3/25/2022
University of Chlef
Chlef, Algeria, Africa

The biophysics of solutions is among the important disciplines of biophysics that focus on the generalities of aqueous solutions, chemical thermodynamics, acid-base properties of solutions, transport across cell membranes, and mechanical properties of solutions.In this work, we focus on presenting some important concepts that express some of the characteristics of aqueous solutions, such as: the components of aqueous solutions of solvent and solute, acid-base titration and measurement of PH meter and electrical conductivity, dilation of aqueous solutions and measurement of their viscosity.

The aim of this work is to reach university students specialized in the following fields: medical and biological sciences, physical and chemical sciences, to acquire scientific skills in the field of biophysics of solutions.

Keywords: Biophysics of solutions, aqueous solutions, electrical conductivity, viscosity, university student