ABC of Biophysics - How it Works

3/22/2021 - 3/26/2021
University of Tabuk
Saudi Arabia

Understanding biophysics for application in medicine and industry, How Biophysics can help understand diseases better and finding cure for them. Biophysics is with us in our lives, we can learn it and apply the concepts to our individual lives and also for sustainable development

Annual Probst Lecture Series

1 Hairpin Dr, Edwardsville, IL 62026
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Featuring Dr. Karen Fleming
"Bacterial Hot Potato"

The Department of Chemistry of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) initiated the Probst Lecture series in 1975 as a memorial to one of its founding faculty members, Professor William J. Probst. Each year a noted chemist is invited for a visit that features several lectures. An evening lecture usually consists of a topic that is broad in scope to attract the interest of alumni, faculty, and students throughout the arts and sciences, while a second afternoon lecture focuses on the guest's contributions to chemical research. 

Dr. Karen Fleming is a Professor in the T.C. Jenkins Department of Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University. She is a leader in the field of membrane protein biophysics, which aims to describe biochemical and biological processes using physical principles. Her work has enabled the fundamental understanding of processes underlying protein folding. Her work focuses on understanding this phenomenon in membrane proteins, which are notoriously challenging to work with. Her achievements in this field have helped scientists understand how membrane proteins partition across cell membranes by establishing a novel hydrophobicity scale that helps predict their behavior. Aside from the many advisory positions she has held, Karen also received numerous awards and honors having been recognized with the Department of Defense Career award and the Thomas E. Thompson award in 2016 from the Biophysical Society. In addition to her scientific accomplishments she is also a strong proponent of diversity and the ongoing issues affecting the STEM fields. She was recently awarded the Provost’s Faculty Diversity Prize in 2019 for her efforts advocating for underrepresented groups.


BDBDB5: The Fifth Biological Diffusion and Brownian Dynamics Brainstorm Meeting (Day 2)

Heidelberger Institut für Theoretische Studien
69118 Heidelberg, Germany

Biological Diffusion and Brownian Dynamics Brainstorm 5 (BDBDB5) will provide a forum for presentations and informal discussions about the current state of experimental and theoretical studies of biological diffusion, with a focus on the Brownian Dynamics method for simulating biological macromolecules.

Biophysical Society of Canada (BSC) Faculty Sessions for 6th Annual Biophysics Week

3/22/2021 - 3/26/2021
Biophysical Society of Canada

The Biophysical Society of Canada is pleased to be organizing Virtual Meet Faculty Sessions within the framework of the sixth annual Biophysics Week from March 22 - 26, 2021. Biophysics Week is a global effort aimed at encouraging connections within the biophysics community while raising awareness of the field and its impact among the general public, policy makers, students, and scientists.

The goal of these sessions is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a chance to virtually meet and interact with faculty members of he Biophysical Society of Canada, inquire about their research, and learn more about potential training opportunities in the field of biophysics.

Organizers of Biophysics Week at BSC
Anna Panchenko, anna.panch[email protected]
Mazdak Khajehpour, [email protected]
Zoya Leonenko, [email protected]

Biophysical Society of Japan - Proteins in Motion! Poster Share

3/22/2021 - 3/26/2021
Biophysical Society of Japan
Miyagi, Japan

Our body consists of many different organs, such as the muscle, heart, eye, and brain. Each organ is made up of many cells. Looking inside a magnified cell, you can see it is full of tiny proteins with sizes of only one hundred-thousandth of a millimeter.

Proteins within our body are dynamic and constantly moving as they carry out specific functions. For example, some proteins rotate to create energy, others walk along filaments to deliver cargo, or dock to transfer materials from the extracellular world. Motion of the proteins is essential to carry out cellular processes needed for life!

Share this poster with your colleagues, students, and friends.

Biophysics in and for Africa Online Conference

3/22/2021 - 3/26/2021
University of Pretoria
Pretoria, South Africa

The conference will consist of daily blocks of:

Presentations: 10h-12h and 15h – 18h (GMT+2)
Discussions : 12h30 -13h30 (GMT+2)

Topics include: Biophotonics, Biophysics and Maternal Health, Cellular Biophysics, Computational Biology, Development of the Future of Biophysics in Africa, Mathematical Biology, Molecular Biophysics, Quantum Biology, Small/Wide-Angle X-ray scattering in Biophysics, Structural biology 

Biophysics Week on Practical Work

3/22/2021 - 3/26/2021
Universitylef of Chlef, Algeria
Ouled Fares, Algeria

This week provides the student with a profile of rich training in a new discipline among the life sciences in both laboratories and ground. It aims to open up prospects for training and job profiles in which the knowledge of biological and physical problems or biophysics is important. This discipline of biophysics aims at a temporal formation having a broad spectrum of knowledge and bioscience and science skills physical allowing an opening towards sectors very varied: biomedical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, etc. This practical work plays an effective role in discovery of the experimental aspect of biophysics fundamental.

Event 2: IBB International Symposium on Importance of Biophysics in Solving Biological Problems, IBB World Biophysics Week 2021 (IBB-BWS2021)

Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB), University of Tehran

Director: Prof. Hamid Mobasheri
Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB), University of Tehran

Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of University of Tehran with about half a century experience in working in the field of biophysics is honor to arrange for the IBB-BWS 2021 on March 25th, in order to present the concluding remarks of the “International virtual conference on Biophysics of life on Earth and the Covid-19 pandemic held from 14-16 March 2021, as a contribution to the World Biophysics Week 2021.

Considering the physics of the biological systems, biophysics should be able to address different aspects of life at atomic, molecular, cellular, and even at macroscopic tissue and whole body levels. Accordingly, there will be no single aspect of living status of biological systems, including; normal functionality, diseases, infections, and even psychological status left outside the scope of biophysics. In current situation, when all creatures on the globe are exposed to various natural and man-made electric and electromagnetic fields, biophysicists’ responsibility is even greater. Accordingly, during this one day virtual Symposium the capabilities and duties of the biophysicists in facing and challenging with related problems will be discussed and the required collaborative activities will be defined

Gāṅgeya BPS Student Chapter Biophysics Week Virtual Conference

3/25/2021 - 3/27/2021
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata
East India

The Gāṅgeya BPS Student Chapter will be celebrating Biophysics Week with a 3-day virtual conference, March 25-27. 

International Biophysics Workshop: The Physics of Information Transfer in Biological Systems (Day 1)

LUMS Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering
DHA, Lahore Cantt. 54792, Lahore, Pakistan

Biophysics is a branch of Physics dedicated to the investigation of biological systems. The conference will draw together national and international speakers/researchers at the interface of Systems Biology, Quantum Physics and Materials Science around three major themes: 

  • Active matter self-organization 
  • Nanomaterials and nanodevices 
  • Signaling in biological systems

The conference aims to build a biophysics research community within Pakistan and collaborations with regional and international partners. A round table will discuss how the multi-disciplinary culture required to nurture this area can be created.

Live Experiment of Protein Droplets & Phase Separation Using C-Trap Optical Tweezers and Microscopy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Have you ever wondered how you can manipulate your protein droplets and visualize it in real time? In this labinar, one of LUMICKS' application scientists will perform a hands-on experiment for you using C-Trap Optical Tweezers ― Fluorescence & Label-free Microscopy.

You will see firsthand what our platform can do to start answering your biological questions right away. After the labinar, we'll have a live Q&A session where our application scientist will answer your questions.