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José Nelson Onuchic to Receive Biophysical Society’s 2023 Founders Award

ROCKVILLE, MD – The Biophysical Society is pleased to announce that José Nelson Onuchic, PhD, of Rice University’s Center for Theoretical and Biological Physics, will receive the Society’s Founders Award in 2023. Onuchic will be honored at the Society’s 67th Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, February 18-22, 2023.

Onuchic is honored for his wide-ranging impactful contributions to theoretical and computational biophysics across the scale of molecular-level interactions to that of cellular systems encompassing electron transfer, protein folding, genetic networks and genome architecture.

“The Founders Award allows us to call attention to outstanding achievements in biophysics that are now accepted and used by others,” said BPS President Gail Robertson, University of Wisconsin-Madison. “José’s many successes underpin his ongoing efforts in new areas of biology for which novel physical concepts are required to understand dynamics. He is a globally recognized leader in theoretical biological physics, and we are honored to bestow the 2023 Founders Award to him.”

About the Award - The Founders Award is given to scientists for outstanding achievement in any area of biophysics, often reflected in the acceptance of and use by others in the field, either promptly or over a period of years.

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