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BPS Condemns the Invasion of Ukraine and Urges Support for Ukrainian Scientists

The Biophysical Society condemns the violent invasion of Ukraine and unprovoked attack of its citizens by the Russian military. As a scientific organization, we stand in solidarity with the scientists and educators of Ukraine, their families, and the BPS members throughout the world anguished by the ongoing threat and upheaval of their colleagues and family members in the region.

As stated in a letter to the White House and U.S. Congressional Leadership by a consortium of scientific societies on March 11, we urge the government to expedite refugee status, provide humanitarian relief, and ease restrictions on visas for Ukrainian scholars and students. We also support the efforts of the National Academies of Science and Engineering to find regional solutions for scientists to continue their work in neighboring countries, with the goal of counteracting the wartime diaspora that splits families and communities apart.

We urge our membership to donate to organizations such as the National Academy of Sciences and Scholars at Risk who provide stipends and other assistance to Ukrainian scientists and their families. We admire and support our brave Ukrainian colleagues. We look forward to a future in which Ukraine prevails as a sovereign nation, free from foreign incursion, and its scientific enterprise once again vibrant and a beacon for freedom in the world.

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