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BPS Announces New Multiscale Genome Organization Subgroup

ROCKVILLE, MD – The Biophysical Society is proud to announce the formation of a new subgroup, the Multiscale Genome Organization Subgroup (MGO). The aim of the MGO Subgroup will bring together biologists, chemists, physicists, and mathematicians to discuss and launch collaborations and advance the field of genome structure, dynamics, function and applications through new conceptual approaches and perspectives.

The MGO Subgroup looks forward to bringing together experimentalists and theoreticians/modelers and emphasizing the interplay between techniques and ideas. This subgroup endeavors to better understand the complex multiscale features and properties of genomes, from bases to chromosome organization and interactions, and inspiring scientists to develop models and experimental strategies on many spatial and temporal scales to address all relevant components of the chromosome folding problem and the epigenomic regulation of gene expression. Such multiscale approaches, combining experimental data and modeling and informatics, are necessary to extract and identify structure/function relationships on various scales, from individual nucleic acids to whole genomes, and to pursue important applications in medicine and genomics.

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