COVID-19: Science, Stories, and Resources

Education Resources

The Biophysical Society is committed to sharing a variety of education-related resources to aid with distance learning. Resources and recommendations have been provided by the BPS Education Committee, members, and science experts.


Lesson Plans & Experiments

The BASICS: Biophysics – A Step-by-Step Introduction to Concepts for Students is a series of lesson plans designed for high school teachers and students; one lesson plan is adapted for K-6. The lesson plans introduce biophysical concepts, including Diffusion, Viscosity, Elasticity, Experimental Error, Force, Fluorescence, Light Microscopy, and Solar & Lunar Eclipses with easy-to-perform experiments to illustrate the concepts. The lesson plans are available in Spanish, as well as English. We hope that these lesson plans excite both teachers and students, and inspire students to consider biophysics as a course of study during their college careers. In addition, Biophysics in Action videos are now available to enhance the lesson plans and experiments.

BPS Lesson Plans & Experiments

External Remote Teaching Resources

BPS is committed to sharing resources to help educators teach remotely. These are resources that have been recommended by BPS members.

The Biophysical Society is not endorsing or vouching for, has not vetted or evaluated, and is not responsible for, the quality of services or information provided by third parties. The Biophysical Society is providing the links as a public service and receives nothing from those organizations listed.

COVID-19: Science, Stories, and Resources

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