Postdoctoral Research Award

Postdoctoral researchers working on intrinsically disordered proteins may compete for one of two Postdoctoral Research Awards, which will include an honorarium and the opportunity to present a short talk at the 2014 IDP Subgroup Symposium. To be eligible, you must be a postdoctoral researcher at the time of abstract submission. To apply, the following should be sent to IDPsubgroup@ by December 13, 2013: (1) your submitted abstract, including BPS abstract control number, and (2) confirmation of your postdoctoral status from your advisor. Please write “Postdoctoral Research Award” in the subject line.

Don’t forget to support the IDP subgroup when you join or renew your membership to the Biophysical Society. Dues are $20 for regular members (free for students and postdocs).

Some Recent IDP Publications of Interest

Ashok Deniz, Peter Wright, and colleagues measured the coupled folding and binding of the oncoprotein and molecular hub IDP, E1A, with partners CBP and pRb. Modulation of Allostery by Protein Instrinsic Disorder Nature (2013) 498: 390-394

Giuseppe Melacini and Susan Taylor led a study looking at allosteric regulation mediated by a disordered region of the regulatory subunit of protein kinase A. Signalling through dynamic linkers as revealed by PKA  PNAS (2013) Early Edition August 14

Work from the lab of Colin Kleanthouse found that threading of the unstructured domain of colicin E9 through the OmpF pore can trigger signals to initiate cell death. Intrinscially Disordered Protein Threads Through the Bacterial Outer-Membrane Porin OmpF Science (2013) 340: 1570-1574

Rahul Das and Rohit Pappu found that charge distribution plays an important role in determining the conformational preferences of IDPs Conformations of intrinsically disordered proteins are influenced by linear sequence distributions of oppositely charged residues PNAS (2013) 110: 13392-13397

Elizabeth Rhoades, IDP Subgroup Secretary/Treasurer


The Biopolymers in vivo (BIV) subgroup is very excited about the program for our symposium at the 2014 San Francisco Annual Meeting, at which keynote lectures by Judith Frydman and Sunney Xie will bookend several exciting talks describing a wide-ranging array of methods to tackle fundamental questions about molecular machines inside cells. The subgroup business meeting will take place at 12:15 pm, right before the symposium starts at 1 pm. We will adjourn after the symposium to a congenial and convenient restaurant to continue wrestling with and reveling in forefront questions about biophysical underpinnings of biopolymer behavior in vivo.

We call your attention to the June issue of Biophysical Reviews, which is dedicated to Allen Minton on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Allen was one of the founding members of BIV, and has spearheaded research into the effects of macromolecular crowding on functionally important biophysical properties. Happy Birthday, Allen!

Design a BIV T-shirt

It’s not too late to have your design appear on the BIV official T-shirt! Send your suggested logos to Please join us in San Francisco and tell your colleagues about the BIV subgroup and the symposium.

Lila Gierasch, BIV Subgroup Chair

Exocytosis & Endocytosis

Exocytosis & Endocytosis Subgroup 2014
Symposium Saturday, February 15, 2014
San Francisco, California


Axel Brunger, Stanford University, Katz Award Lecture, New Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of Calcium-triggered Synaptic Vesicle Fusion
Robert Chow, University of Southern California, To Be Announced
Sandra Schmid, Scripps Research Institute, Dynamin-catalyzed Membrane Fission
Tao Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, A Novel Player in Early Biogenesis of Insulin Granules from Trans-golgi Network
Robert Zorec, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Exocytotic Fusion Pore Intermediates of Dense-core Vesicles

Elizabeth Seward, Exocytosis & Endocytosis Subgroup Chair