Seven BPS Members Named 2014 Society Awardees

The Biophysical Society is proud to announce the recipients of seven of the 2014 Society awards. These members will be honored at the Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California.

 Douglas Rees, California Institute of Technology, will receive the Anatrace Membrane Protein Award for his many research endeavors in structural studies of biological membrane proteins, including his pioneering work on ABC transporters and mechanosensitive channels.
 Michael Brown, University of Arizona, will be presented with the Avanti Award in Lipids for his vast and innovative contributions to the field of membrane biophysics and groundbreaking work in the development of NMR techniques to characterize lipid structure and dynamics.
 Linda Kenney, University of Illinois Chicago, will be awarded the Distinguished Service Award for her efforts developing new communities and fostering the international growth of the mechanobiology field within the Biophysical Society.


 Alberto Diaspro, Italian Institute of Technology, will be honored with the Emily M. Gray Award for dedicating his career to mentoring students and serving as the major force in organizing international biophysics workshops that showcase the talent of young researchers.
 Arieh Warshel, University of Southern California, will receive the Founders Award for his groundbreaking accomplishments that have revolutionized the quantitative studies of chemical processes in complex biological systems.
 Miriam Goodman, Stanford University School of Medicine, will be awarded the Michael and Kate Bárány Award for Young Investigators for her innovative and creative interdisciplinary work on fundamental biophysical questions of mechanotransduction.
Sarah Veatch, University of Michigan, will be presented with the Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award for her substantial contributions to the field of membrane physical chemistry as it translates into biological systems.


 The 2014 Society Fellows will be announced in the November newsletter.