Last year’s motility subgroup session was very successful thanks to the hard work of Susan Gilbert and Ken Taylor. Large numbers of highly motile biophysicists were severely challenging the capacity of the auditorium. Next March in Baltimore, the Society has promised us a bigger room to accommodate all those interested in the latest news on motors, muscle, motility, and all else that drives us and other cells. In order to guarantee sufficient finances for our activities, please make sure to sign-up for the Motility Subgroup when you pay your dues. Because, regrettably, only a minority of you in attendance of the session are subgroup members, we had to raise the fee to $20 this year (I am sure some of you noticed). This small fee goes to paying for subgroup costs, which mount quickly as we need to pay dearly for each microphone you use, projector you watch, and cookie you eat! The upcoming Subgroup Meeting will surely be just as entertaining and enlightening as every year’s, with a keynote evening talk by Joe Howard and confirmed invited speakers Carolyn Moores, Will Hancock, Justin Molloy, Toshio Ando, Leah Gheber, Richard Cheney, and Folma Buss-—and with all your questions. We will also be having a poster-highlights session next year to spotlight some of the great work our Motility students are doing. See you in Baltimore in March.

Jenny Ross and Christoph Schmidt
Subgroup Co-Chairs


The inauguration meeting of the Nanoscale Biophysics Subgroup, co-organized by Alberto Diaspro and Sanford Leuba, will begin with the business meeting at noon and the first speaker at 1:00pm on Saturday, March 5.  We are delighted so far to have confirmed Hermann Gaub, Stefan Hell, Jonas Korlach, and Rainieri Bizzari as speakers.  
Our ever expanding vision of Nanoscale Biophysics includes a realm of approaches in the range of nanometers to tens of nanometers. Confirmed speakers will discuss, among other things, the development of AFM-related techniques in biosciences, functional nanoassembly, realtime super-resolution of living cells, the design and engineering of fluorescent probes (organic dyes or fluorescent proteins) for in vivo studies with single event/single molecule resolution, and novel single molecule DNA sequencing methods using zero-mode waveguides.  Additional speakers will be announced on
the website.  
We encourage meeting attendees to come to the symposium, join the subgroup, and attend the business meeting to vote on the bylaws, subgroup name, and elect officers.

Alberto Diaspro and Sanford Leuba,
Acting Subgroup Co-Chairs