Judge Local Science Fairs, Give a BPS Award!

For the fifth consecutive year BPS will sponsor Biophysics Awards at state and regional science fairs in the United States. The initiative promotes the teaching and learning of STEM subjects, and raises awareness of biophysics in high school.

Last year, this Public Affairs Committee initiative funded awards for 26 different students in 11 states. In 2013, BPS plans to sponsor awards at state and regional fairs in the Boston, San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington DC, San Diego, and Philadelphia areas.

All science fairs need scientists to serve as judges. If you are interested in judging, please visit http://bit.ly/tphywC.

Don’t live in these areas? Consider giving a Biophysics Award at your local fair! Visit http://bit.ly/tphywC for instructions on how to have BPS sponsor the award.

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