Outreach Activities

The Biophysical Society Public Affairs Committee encourages attendees to take time during the Annual Meeting to learn about how their research fits into the bigger picture. How does science get funded? How can I get funding? How do scientists work with the media to relay their findings to the public? How can I make my research exciting and accessible for high school students? The following sessions will address these questions.

The Future of Science in America

Monday, February 3, 1:00 pm–2:30 pm
With the outlook for federal science funding looking bleak in the near future, many scientists are concerned about what will happen to scientific research in the US and how they will secure funding for their own work. This symposium will address issues of science funding, training, and policy as seen from the perspective of economists, demographers, and scientists. Speakers will discuss the economic impact and cost of scientific research, and what a sustainable science policy might look like.

Richard Freeman, Harvard University
Gregory A. Petsko, Weill Cornell Medical College
Paula Stephan,* Georgia State University
Michael S. Teitelbaum, Harvard University

*See Public Affairs article to read about speaker Paula Stephan’s work studying the economics of science.

Grant Writing Workshop: How (Not) to Write Your NIH Grant Proposal

Tuesday, February 5, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm
Through mock study sections, veteran NIH officials will demonstrate what review panels look for when they read and assess proposals. They will also answer questions about the changes at NIH and how to communicate with funding agencies prior to submitting a proposal and after its review. This session is appropriate for both experienced principal investigators and those applying for their first grant.

Jean Chin, NIGMS
Catherine Lewis, NIGMS
Peter Preusch, NIGMS
Arnold Revzin, CSR
Don Schneider, CSR

Communicating Science

Sunday, February 3, 2:30 pm–4:00 pm
Paul Offit, a leading expert in infectious diseases, will offer his experience in communicating the science behind the vaccine-autism controversy, and Faye Flam, a seasoned science journalist, will explore the challenges in making science accessible to the general public. Attendees will also learn strategies on communicating their own science and working with journalists effectively.

Biomolecular Dome

Sunday, February 3–Tuesday, February 5, 10:00 am–5:00 pm
Wednesday, February 6, 9:00 am–1:00 pm

Watch cells and viruses come to life in this portable 3-D Dome and see how difficult biophysical topics can be made accessible to a high school audience. The Public Affairs Committee is pleased to be sponsoring the Dome for the second year in a row. Short videos will present topics ranging from icosahedral viruses to the ribosome to how HIV replicates. The theme of evolution will be conveyed to students by looking at how pathogens rapidly evolve to escape immune surveillance by hosts. Overall, these videos communicate the excitement of looking at macromolecular complexes and understanding the molecular basis for life. The videos will be shown on a rolling basis throughout each day.

BPS High School Outreach

Don’t be surprised to see some younger faces at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The Education Committee is sponsoring a day of programming for local high school students and teachers. On Sunday, February 3, high school students will participate in a special session to introduce them to biophysics and energize them about pursuing a career in science. While students are in this session, high school teachers will attend a unique event that will address the challenges in teaching interdisciplinary science at the high school level. In the afternoon, both teachers and students will visit the Biomolecular Discovery Dome and participate in an Exhibit Hall Scavenger Hunt.

Career Center Job Board

Looking for a new position? Have a position to fill? Visit the Career Center at the Annual Meeting. Candidates may post their CVs at no charge and apply for job openings. Employers wishing to advertise job opportunities may do so, and 2013 BPS members qualify for a reduced posting fee. Post your job or resume on the Society Job Board from January 2–January 23, indicate that you’re participating in the Annual Meeting Career Center, and receive the following advantages:

  • Copies of your job posting or inclusion of your resume in the Resume Binder for participants to view onsite;
  • A listing of job postings given to all attendees;
  • Job seeker’s name along with poster/platform presentation name and number (if applicable) included on the candidate listing page and given to all employers;
  • The ability to set up interviews onsite at the meeting;
  • Time saved at the Annual Meeting!

Resume posting is FREE for all attendees. Can’t post your job or resume online by January 23? Don’t worry! You may still post your resume at the Annual Meeting, but your job posting or resume will not be included in the items listed above. For more information, please visit: www.biophysics.org/2013meeting and click the Career Center tab.

Child Care

Why choose between your family and great science when you can have both? Don’t worry about leaving your children at home—utilize child care services while you attend the Annual Meeting! The Biophysical Society provides discounted child care at the Annual Meeting through KiddieCorp. Trained professionals will be on hand to watch children of all ages, and the fee includes fun activities and light snacks. Pre-registration is recommended. A family room will also be available in the Convention Center, stocked with diapers, electrical outlets, a small refrigerator, private areas for nursing, and a small area for rest and play. To register your child for the child care service, visit www.biophysics.org/2013meeting, and click the General Information tab.

Meet and Greet

Attending your first Annual Meeting, or are you the only person from your lab attending? Stop by the Meet and Greet table at the opening reception on Saturday, February 2, at 5:00 pm to meet other members, get your questions answered by members of the Early Careers Committee, and even head out to dinner with other first timers and solo travelers after the Opening Mixer!

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