2014 Annual Meeting


2014 Annual Meeting Workshops

Workshops are the popular, technique-oriented sessions held on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm

Polarizable Force Fields from Biomolecular Simulations

Benoit Roux, University of Chicago, and Alexander Mackerell, University of Maryland, Co-Chairs

Vijay Pande, Stanford University
Teresa Head-Gordon, University of California, Berkeley

Single Molecule Dynamics Using FRET/LRET

Achillefs Kapanidis, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and William Eaton, NIDDK, NIH, Co-Chairs

Thorsten Hugel, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Irina Gopich, NIDDK, NIH

Knocking Down or Turning Off: Down-Regulation of Protein Expression by MicroRNAs

Suzanne Scarlata, Stony Brook University, Chair

Leemor Joshua-Tor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Ofer Biham, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Additional speaker to be announced

Applications of Supported Bilayers

Marjorie Longo, University of California, Davis, and Khalid Salaita, Emory University, Co-Chairs

Christy Landes, Rice University
Raghu Parthasarathy, University of Oregon

Dynamic Distance Mapping by EPR

Hassane Mchaourab, Vanderbilt University, and Gail Fanucci, University of Florida, Co-Chairs

Gary Lorigan, Miami University, Ohio
Peter Fajer, Florida State University

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