Biophysical Journal Editor’s Corner

BiophysJ is “Truckin” on

Biophysical Journal’s recent cover (inspired by the Robert Crumb cover for the Blind Boy Fuller record album “Truckin’ My Blues Away”) is a great cartoon evoking the directed motion of myosin motors as described by Yale Goldman’s lab and highlighted as a “New and Notable” in the March 19 issue. But it may also be a good representation of all the things happening in BJ. In 2013, the Journal will continue “truckin” on with newly-enhanced features. These include:

  • New & Notables that make it easy for you to learn what is new and interesting in the latest biophysics research.
  • Short highlights for Emerging Biophysical Technologies, selected by Editors, that describe exciting new physics-based methods for probing biological systems.
  • An expanded number of invited Biophysical Reviews by leaders in our diverse discipline.
  • Virtual Issues, which collect the best papers in a subdiscipline of biophysics that have been recently published in BJ. A recent issue on Channels & Transporters was just released in March. To see the most recent highlights and articles, visit

Know the Editors

Each month we feature a Biophysical Journal (BJ) editor and highlight a BJ section.

Peter Hunter, University of Auckland, New Zealand;
Associate Editor of the Systems Biophysics Section





Q: What is your area of research?

Cardiac modeling and the Physiome Project.

Q: As Associate Editor of the Systems Biophysics Section, what type of papers is BJ looking for in that area?

Primarily papers that combine experimental work with insights from mathematical analysis and modeling at the subcellular, cellular, and tissue scales. Papers on multi-scale modeling are particularly welcome, especially where these include mechanistic insights into biological function. The Systems Biophysics section of BJ is also keen to attract modeling and experimental work that links cellular mechanisms into the understanding of structure-function relations at the higher spatial scales of tissues and organs.

Q: Why did you take on the role of Associate Editor?

I have been a fan of BJ for over 30 years and have always felt that its focus on the close coupling between experiment and quantitative analysis through modeling was the key to understanding multi-scale biological processes, so I was delighted when Les asked me to take on this role. I also felt that BJ would be one of the first journals to adopt the CellML and FieldML modeling standards being developed as part of the Physiome Project.

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