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Biophysics 101 - Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)

This session, recorded during the 60th Annual Biophysical Society meeting, features Steve Vogel, of the National Institutes of Health, and Kalina Hristova, of John’s Hopkins University, presenting on Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET), highlighting the power and limitations of this technique. FRET is widely used to study protein structure and protein in vitro and in vivo, in molecular ensembles and in single molecules. The utility of FRET comes from its ability to resolve distances that are smaller than the diffraction limit of light, in the 20 to 100 Angstrom range.


Biophysics Trivia 

As part of the Biophysical Society’s upcoming Biophysics Week, the Early Careers Committee will put forth biophysics-related trivia questions on the Society’s social media accounts and website. We need your submissions! Share a bit of biophysics trivia with us, and we’ll share it with the world during Biophysics Week.

Give a Biophysics Award at Your Local Science Fair

Interested in helping the next generation learn about biophysics? Fill out this form to volunteer to judge at your local science fair and choose a student to win an award for the best biophysics-related project. BPS will provide funding for a student award for every regional or state fair where a BPS member wishes to judge and choose a winner. Award amounts are typically $100. Fill out this form to have BPS sponsor an award at your regional or state fair. Contact Caitlin Simpson at with questions.  

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