Networking Events

Call for Society Mini-Grants for Local Networking Events

Do you have an idea for hosting a local networking event for current and potential Biophysical Society members? The Membership Committee has a mini-grant opportunity, which will provide up to $500 to help you host an event. The venue and format of the event are up to you—we are looking for creative ideas that will promote interactions between members and non-members interested in biophysics and the Society. For example, the grant could provide food and beverages for guests attending a presentation by a local biophysicist you recruit. All current Society members inside and outside of the US are eligible to apply.

Please note that your event must meet the following requirements:

  • Event should be no longer than one day
  • Stand alone event (not part of a larger conference)
  • Promote interaction between different institutions and/or communities in a geographical area not served by the Annual Meeting
  • Emphasis on promotion of biophysics
  • Take place in an area not currently well served by other opportunities for networking among biophysicists
  • Meeting size of approximately 25 to a maximum of 150 attendees
  • Must be advertised prominently as a BPS-sponsored event
  • Speaker list should include graduate students and postdocs
  • For renewing events: Networking Events will be eligible for funding for a maximum of 3 years each

Complete submission must include:

  • Applicant name(s)
  • Member ID(s)
  • Proposed city/state
  • Proposed venue
  • Approximate date of event
  • Proposed title of event
  • Brief description of the event
  • Speaker names (if applicable)
  • Number of anticipated attendees
  • Budget for event (expenses and revenue expected) 
  • Description of how the meeting/event will be advertised
  • If there are other sponsoring groups or potential sources of funding - names and amounts must be provided
  • Brief explanation of why the event is needed in the proposed location
  • To submit your application for a new Networking Event Mini-Grant, please click here.
    To submit your application to renew your Networking Event Mini-Grant, please click here

Looking for collaborators for your event? Post a message on the BPS Facebook page or tweet to BPS Twitter followers using @biophysicalsoc

Questions? Contact the Society at