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Upcoming 2017 Thematic Meetings

Volume 112, Issue 12: June 20, 2017

Yu et al. discuss their cover image in "Frozen Single Cell under Raman Spectroscopy."

We are excited to announce our new article type, “Comprehensive Review.” This is a new category of articles that will appear only once or twice a year, each invited by the Journal Editorial Board. They differ from Perspectives in Biophysics—short articles on the current state and future of a field—in that they are longer, more traditional reviews. See our first Comprehensive Review by Velia M. Fowler and Roberto Dominguez in issue 112/9.

Authors can now submit manuscripts directly to BJ from bioRxiv.

Corresponding authors can add their Twitter handle as a footnote to their BJ article. Simply include it on the first page of your manuscript with your final files.

 Biophysical Journal on Twitter @BiophysJ.

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