National Lab Day

Want to volunteer to bring hands-on learning to your area? Join the National Lab Network online community and share your expertise with local students!

National Lab Network is a nationwide initiative to build local communities of support (hubs) that will foster ongoing collaborations among volunteers, students and educators. By joining the National Lab Network effort, you can search requests for volunteers from the science community by geographic area and scientific discipline to find a group that needs your help. There may be a local science fair that needs judges, or a classroom teacher that wants help with an experiment down the street from your lab. You can also sign up as a scientist and indicate how you can help so that teachers looking for help will find you when they search the site.

The Biophysical Society encourages you to sign up. By volunteering, you can work together with educators and students to improve labs and discovery-based science experiences for students in grades 6-12. National Lab Network opportunities are ongoing.

Watch a video on National Lab Day 2010 with President Obama and OSTP Director John Holdren.