• Poster boards are 2 meters high (6.5 ft.) by 1 meter wide (3.2 ft.).  Boards are metal, and require paperclips or binder clips for displaying posters.  See photos below.
  • Typeface should be large enough to be read comfortably by interested attendees from distances of 4-5 feet (1.5 meters). 
  • Mount graphs, micrographs, descriptive legends, etc. on stiff poster board so that they will remain in place when attached to display boards. A few large boards are better than many small ones, and will be easier to mount.
  • Illustrations should be made in advance of the meeting. Matte finish on micrographs and other photographic reproductions provides better visibility due to reduction of glare from lights.
  • Display a copy of your abstract. You may also tack several copies of your abstract to the poster board to give to viewers.
  • Authors are expected to bring their own mounting materials (paperclips or binder clips) for displaying poster materials.