Biopolymers in vivo Subgroup 2017 Symposium
Saturday, February 11, 2017
New Orleans, Louisiana
10:00 AM- 6:15 PM
Room 218

Gary Pielak, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Subgroup Chair

Interactions and Phase Transitions

10:00 Business Meeting

11:30 Break

1:00 keynote lecture
Organization of nucleic acids and proteins by lipid membrane
Sarah Keller, University of Washington, Seattle

1:45  Junior Faculty Award winner
Folding in the cell - ions, crowders, osmolytes
Simon Ebbinghaus, University of Bochum, Germany

The role of RNA in tuning the physical properties of polyQ-protein phase transitions
Amy Gladfelter, UNC Chapel Hill

2:45  Graduate Student Talk
Attenuating the Toxicity of Amyloid-Beta Aggregation with Specific Species
Ryan Limbocker, University of Cambridge

Visualizing structural details of disordered domain phase separation associated with ALS and cancers
Nicolas Fawzi, Brown University

3:30 Break

Proteins – forever aging?
Jeremy Smith, University of Tennessee and ORNL

4:30 Graduate Student Talk
Glycine Betaine Reverses Osmotic Shock Induced Protein Destabilization in Living Cells
Samantha Stadmiller, University of North Carolina

How evolution tunes stress-triggered protein phase separation to promote cell fitness during stress
Allan Drummond, University of Chicago

5:15  Keynote Lecture
Phase Behavior and Self-Assembly of a New Family of Stimulus Responsive Peptide Polymers
Ashutosh Chilkoti, Duke University

6:00 PM Closing Remarks