Exhibitor Tools

It's more than just a booth!
Plan, prepare, and have a successful exhibiting experience.


Trade Shows provide the perfect venue for
activities other than selling: 

Introduce a new product or service
Acquire customer feedback
Network and create new connections



It is said an Exhibitor has a three (3) second window of opportunity to capture the attention of an attendee. The following are some helpful tips and tools to assure that you have a successful exhibiting experience.

Remember – Little Details Create Big Impressions!!

1. Bring your most energetic staff members! These do not necessarily have to be your top sales people, just those with the most welcoming energy. Have them wear name badges, it makes them seem friendlier, more approachable and encourages making new connections.

2. Don’t put your display table in front of your booth! This blocks the entrance to your booth and does not invite attendees to come in and see what you have to offer them. By placing your table in the rear of the booth, attendees must come inside where you have the opportunity to strike up a conversation. They can’t be drive-bys.

3. Do not use those chairs! When you are seated, attendees get the impression that you are tired, bored, or just not interested in interacting. Stand up, smile, and invite them in.

4. Stay off your electronics! If you look like you are already busy attendees will keep on walking. It also gives off the impression that the attendee is less important than your email or phone conversation and they will simply move on. Your email will be waiting for you at the end of the day!

5. Review the Exhibitor List! Know your competition and what sets you apart from the rest. Then, let the attendees know!

6. Tap into your senses! We are all drawn to things we can touch, smell, taste, see or hear. Have something to play with that draws people in. Make your booth colorful, fun and interactive. It’s those little details that can make all the difference!

7. Qualify your leads! Just because an attendee stops by, takes a piece of candy, picks up a brochure, or you scan their badge does not mean they are a qualified lead! Don’t clog up your sales database unnecessarily! Talk to them. Remember quality is far more important than quantity!

8. Don’t break down your booth early! Did you know that 68% of exhibitors have said they met a quality prospect during the last half hour of the exhibit day? Don’t miss that customer! Also, our meeting and poster sessions end the day after the exhibit hall closes, so the attendees are still there the last day of exhibits!!!

9. Invest in Pre-Show Marketing! Most trade show attendees walk a show with a pre-planned agenda of who they want to visit. Make sure your company is on their list by taking advantage of our inexpensive pre-show marketing strategies.

10. Remind attendees that you were at the meeting with Post-Show Marketing! Use the same tools that you used before the show to stay in touch with those that stopped by your booth, those you may have missed speaking with, or others who were unable to attend. Keep up that communication with your customers and prospects!

11. Choose a perfect promotional product! What can you give to attendees that will stay with them long after the show is over? What do you purchase to bring to shows that will just end up in the trash (or the bottom of a toy chest)? Find the perfect combination that will also give you additional visibility with sponsorship opportunities.

12. Attract a crowd! Everyone wants something for free! I am always amazed at the long lines I see for a free cup or T-shirt. Use exhibitor coupons to let attendees know you have a gift for them for stopping by.



Not only will our attendees appreciate you supporting the society, but you will receive the following Pre-Show Marketing Benefits:
• Mention in the Society’s monthly newsletter through March 2014
• Logo with hyperlink on the front page of the Annual Meeting homepage

Final Attendee Email Sponsorship
The ONE and only opportunity each year that you can reach our attendees via email!!
Two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting we send all of our registered attendees’ vital information about the upcoming conference. As the sponsor of this email, your company logo is featured prominently, with a link to your website. This is an exclusive opportunity for ONE company!!

Art of Science Image Contest Sponsorship
Great opportunity for attendees to hear your company name over the loud speaker in the Exhibit Hall! You will also receive recognition when the contest is promoted to attendees – great way to get exposure!

Advertising Opportunities

The ONLY location Banner Advertising is available on our website!!
Attendees will certainly put your company’s name on their list if they see your company’s name each time they log onto our floor plan to organize their visit! They can preview what you will offer when they link to your website.

Membership Mailing List
Assure that our entire membership knows you will be exhibiting at the Annual Meeting! Let them see exactly what you have to offer them! We can customize a mailing list for your needs.

Pre-Show Attendee Mailing List
One of the BEST traffic builders is to send a postcard out to the attendees with an offer that they need to bring to your booth to redeem! Not only are you letting attendees know you will be there so they can put you on their plan, but by offering them the opportunity for a product or to be part of a raffle you are making sure they don’t miss seeing you.

Monthly Newsletter
Take advantage of the Annual Meeting information we are disseminating to our members! The members are reading this every month to learn more about the Annual Meeting – you are a part of that meeting! Place your full-color ad now! Ask about special offers for Annual Meeting Exhibitors.

On-Line Product Guide
Our Online Product Guide is the perfect way to let our members find your products all year long – like having a Printed Program Guide at their internet fingertips!! This is our comprehensive buyer’s resource that provides any web user with a live, fully searchable list of suppliers and products 24/7. Listings are active for one full year, from date of purchase.



Not only will our attendees appreciate you supporting the society, but you will receive the following On-Site Marketing Benefits:

• Recognition on signage throughout the Convention Center
• Sponsor ribbons for exhibit personnel, if exhibiting
• Recognition in the Annual Meeting Program Guide
• Mention in the Annual Meeting issue of the Society Newsletter
• Logo with hyperlink on Annual Meeting homepage

 Aisle Sign Sponsorship
Want attendees to easily find you in the Exhibit Hall? The large hanging aisle signs have space at the bottom for your full-color printed logo. Each aisle sign is limited to one company!

Attendee Bag Insert
Place an 8 1/2 x 11, one sheet insert, in each tote bag attendees receive at registration

Booth Locator Sign Sponsorship
Splash your company name/logo on top of the three large Exhibit Hall maps located inside and outside the Exhibit Hall

Food Event Sponsorship
Want to host a reception, but don’t have time to plan one? We can take care of that for you! We have several sponsorships to show attendees that you want to make sure they are well taken care of at the Annual Meeting. They benefit by coming away feeling satisfied, and knowing that your company took care of them. Choose from:
• Opening Mixer Reception
• Daily Morning Coffee Breaks
• Afternoon Snack Breaks
• New Member Welcome Coffee

Push Pin Station Sponsorship
First impressions are important. Be the first company noticed when attendees enter the exhibit hall!  Positioned at the entrance of the exhibit hall are two stations where attendees pick up push pins to hang their posters. With 900 posters daily, this is a high traffic area! Make an impact by placing your company name or advertisement on the bottom of each of these stands.

Tote Bag Sponsorship
At each meeting I attend, the one product companies distribute that stands out from all the rest is the colorful Tote Bag! What better advertising than your company’s name carried throughout the Exhibit Hall, Symposium, Workshops, onto the street, into the hotels, throughout the airport, and back home where it can be used daily! Added marketing advantage – people outside the Annual Meeting will see your company name!

Advertising Opportunities
Exhibitor Coupons

Program Guide Advertising
Program Guide Advertising has been VERY POPULAR THIS YEAR!! Reach all the attendees by advertising in the Annual Meeting Program! The program is distributed onsite and used extensively by attendees throughout the Annual Meeting. This book remains a valuable product/service reference long after the meeting is over. The ONLY Premium Advertising Placements still available are:
• Page Facing the Table of Contents
• Inside Facing the Back Cover!

Literature Table
Place your company’s literature on the Society’s “Take One Table” in the exhibit hall. Attendees will have the opportunity to take any literature off the table throughout the entire meeting. This is a great way to attract attendees to your booth and have an added presence in the Exhibit Hall.


Not only will our attendees appreciate you supporting the society, but you will receive the following On-Site Marketing Benefits
• Recognition in the Annual Meeting Program Guide
• Mention in the March 2014 issue of the Society Newsletter

Advertising Opportunities
Post Show Attendee Mailing List – available February 26, 2014
Stay in touch! Don’t let those connections you made forget about you. Reach out again to those you met, those who may not have had a chance to stop by, or those you were too busy to speak with.

Membership Mailing List
Remind our members that you were at the Annual meeting! Connect with our members that were unable to attend, Keep up that communication with your customers and prospects!

Monthly Newsletter
Continue to keep your company in front of customers and prospects by placing ads where our members go to get the latest news in Biophysics.

On-Line Product Guide
Continue to keep your products searchable by listing in the Online Product Guide. This is our comprehensive buyer’s resource that provides any web user with a live, fully searchable list of suppliers and products 24/7. Listings are active for one full year, from date of purchase.

Use the official Annual Meeting Icon in your promotions!
Make it easy for visitors to find you by including your booth number.




General exhibit sales open March 11, 2013
Cancelation Deadline June 1, 2013
Hotel block opens July 1, 2013
Abstract Submission Deadline October 1, 2013 
Exhibitor Registration opens   October 1, 2013
Exhibitor service kits emailed to paid exhibitors October 15, 2013
Product descriptions due for Annual Meeting Program  November 8, 2013
Exhibitor presentations due for Annual Meeting Program  November 8, 2013
Pre-registered attendee list will be available November 8, 2013 
January Newsletter advertisements due (pre-meeting issue) December 5, 2013
Advertisements due for Annual Meeting Final Program December 6, 2013



February Newsletter advertisements due (on-site meeting issue) January 3, 2014
Late Abstract Deadline January 8, 2014
Final Day for Advanced Order Rates from Freedman January 11, 2014
Advanced Shipments accepted at warehouse January 13, 2014
Registration Deadline January 17, 2014
Coupons due for Exhibitor Coupon Book January 23, 2014
March Newsletter advertisements due (post meeting issue) January 31, 2014
On-site shipments accepted at the Moscone Center February 14, 2014
Post-meeting attendee list will be available February 22, 2014

Exhibitor Checklist

To make sure that your Exhibitor Experience runs as smoothly as possible, please make sure that you have 
completed all the items on the checklist below.

1. Reserve your Hotel Rooms
2. Send in your tweets to exhibits@biophysics.org so we can start posting about you!
3. Choose your Sponsorship Opportunity to increase your visibility
4. Register your booth personnel 
5. Review and place orders from Exhibit Service Kit
6. Order Pre-Show Attendee Mailing List 

For additional information on sponsorships and advertising, contact
Nancye Berman in Sales and Exhibits at 
240-290-5609 or exhibits@biophysics.org.


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