Mihaly Kovacs, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary, Subgroup Co-Chair
Christopher Yengo,
Pennsylvania State University, Subgroup Co-Chair

Motility Subgroup 2013 Symposium
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

11:55 AM, Opening Remarks

12:00 PM, Ahmet Yildiz, University of California, Berkeley
The Mechanism of Cytoplasmic Dynein Motility

12:30 PM, Zeynep ├ľkten, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany
What Determines the Path of Kinesin Along the Microtubules?

1:00 PM, Poster Highlights #1

1:30 PM, Break

1:45 PM, Georgios Tsiavaliaris, Hannover Medical School, Germany
Mechansims of Mechanochemical Coupling in Low and High Duty Ratio Myosins

2:15 PM, Andras Malnasi-Csizmadia, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary
Communication Pathways between the Functional Regions in Myosin Motor Domain 

2:45 PM, Break &Subgroup Business Meeting 

3:30 PM, Toshio Yanagida, Osaka University, Japan
From Single Molecule Fluctuation to Muscle Contraction: A Brownian Model of A.F. Huxley's Hypothesis 

4:00 PM, Poster Highlights #2 

4:30 PM, Stephen Kowalczykowski, University of California, Davis   
Watching Individual DNA Helicases and Motor Proteins Behaving and Misbehaving

Subgroup Dinner

8:00 PM, Susan Gilbert, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kinesin-14:A League of their Own
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