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For personal assistance on exhibits or sponsorships, contact Sales and Exhibits at 240-290-5609 or exhibits@biophysics.org.



Promote Your Presence - Industry research demonstrates that exhibitors who conduct a minimum of two pre-show marketing campaigns increase the effectiveness of their trade show presence by up to 65%.

Mailing List Campaign:  With over 9,300 members, this is the perfect tool for your direct mail campaign. Breakdown of the list includes Regular, Early Career, Student, Emeritus, and/or US, Canada and International members only. Download the 2012 Contract

Newsletter Campaign: Mailed to over 9,300 leading scientists across the globe, the Monthly Newsletter is an excellent vehicle for your advertisement. Book space now in the pre-meeting and post-meeting issues and save your budget on multiple run discounts!  Download the 2012 Contract

Exclusive 2013 Exhibitor Benefits - 
ree to our exhibitors, is the Exhibitor Coupon Booklet. Put your company name and product/service in front of your potential customers by offering discounts on products, services, or to promote a raffle! Space is limited, so act quickly.

Another free service we offer our exhibitors is use of the Society’s on-line Job Board. All 2013 exhibitors are eligible to post any job vacancies on-line for up to 6 months. For details and special codes, contact Sales and Exhibits at 240-290-5609 or exhibits@biophysics.org

Available only to current exhibitors is the Attendee Mailing list. Target your efforts by directly inviting attendees(mailing addresses only) to visit your booth 
and announce special meeting promotions and giveaways with the pre-registered attendee list. Purchase the post-meeting attendee list and remind attendees who you were and what products and services you offer. Download the Contract  

Pre-registered attendee list will be available after November 5, 2012
Post-meeting attendee list will be available after February 22, 2013

Use the official Annual Meeting Icon in your promotions!
Make it easy for visitors to find you by including your booth number.

Save Time and Money: Review and Understand the Rules, Regulations, and Deadlines

Call Freeman in advance with any questions or to help estimate your drayage, set-up fees or questions about the regulations. Exhibitors can often save money if they prepare their shipments correctly or understand the drayage rules and regulations. 




General exhibit sales open March 11, 2012
Cancelation Deadline June 1, 2012
Hotel block opens July 1, 2012
Exhibitor Registration opens   October 1, 2012
Exhibitor service kits emailed to paid exhibitors October 15, 2012
Product descriptions due for Annual Meeting Program  November 9, 2012
Exhibitor presentations due for Annual Meeting Program  November 9, 2012
Advertisements due for Annual Meeting Final Program  November 15, 2012
Pre-registered attendee list will be available November 5, 2012
January Newsletter advertisements due (pre-meeting issue) November 15, 2012
February Newsletter advertisements due (on-site meeting issue) January 3, 2013



Deadline for hotel rates through the Biophysical Society Housing Bureau

January 6, 2013
Coupons due for Exhibitor Coupon Booklet (space limited) January 4, 2013
Advanced Order Rates from Freedman January 11, 2013
Badge Registration Deadline January 17, 2013
March Newsletter advertisements due (post meeting issue) January 21, 2013
Post-meeting attendee list will be available February 22, 2013



Know your Exhibitor Rights in Philadelphia

Exhibitors’ Booths

  • In exhibit booths that are no larger than 300 net square feet, an Exhibitor or a full-time company representative(s) may erect or teardown booths and may use non-powered hand tools.  The use of power tools, battery operated tools and ladders are prohibited.
  • In exhibit booths that are no larger than 300 net square feet, only an Exhibitor or a full-time company representative(s) of the exhibitor’s company may hang signs or graphics.

Loading and Unloading

  • Customers and Exhibitors may load and unload non-commercial automobiles, station wagons, mini-vans, SUVs, and non-commercially registered 4 wheel pick-up trucks and vans.
  • Customers and Exhibitors may use equipment, including but not limited to, carts, dollies, luggage carriers, 4 wheel flat bed carts, and 2 wheel hand trucks.  The use of any motorized or hydraulic devices is prohibited.

For additional information please use this link provided from Freeman. 


3 Tips On Promotions from Marketing Professionals 

  • "Offer a second place prize to all the people who entered to win whatever prize you are giving away. Mail a letter and tell them that they did not win the first prize, but they did win an unannounced second prize! The second prize could be a discount or an added bonus or anything else that has a high perceived value and a low cost." - Joe Kulyeshie, The JK Bedrin Marketing Group
  • "Have booth staff wear company-branded clothes (polo shirt, etc.) that include the company name / logo AND the company's web site address (possibly on the back shoulder blade area of the shirt). Most embroidery and screen printing shops can do this for a nominal fee. It provides great additional company exposure to visitors." -Name Withheld by Request
  • "Always have something interesting and out of the ordinary at your booth for a small giveaway. Sometimes this sets you apart from your competitors and gets people into your space." - Name Withheld by Request


Target your customer group before, during and after trade shows

The average attendee walks into the show having already picked 75% of the exhibits they plan to visit. This means you have to contact your target audience prior to the show, during and after. The idea behind exhibiting your products at a trade show is to gain exposure, build credibility and find new prospects. To reach this goal, pre-show promotions, in-exhibit promotions and post-show follow-up are key elements to a plan that will positively affect your target customer group.

The pre-show promotion should contain three fundamentals: the show's registration list, either from last year or current; a plan of the content within your exhibit to attract your target customer group; and a proclamation of the benefits your target customer group will receive by placing your exhibit on their must-see agenda. The pre-show promotion could be a personal invitation to visit your exhibit or a simple email.

In-exhibit promotions should reach out to the target customer group. Make them feel that you are there specifically to meet their needs by applying a personal and open approach. Some ideas to keep in mind when considering a promotional giveaway follow:

  1. Be original to increase your company's memorability.
  2. Keep the giveaways out of sight. This will reduce expenses on these items.
  3. Reward a potential lead with a unique and memorable giveaway.

Post-show follow-up is extremely important. A personal touch goes a long way. An example would be to send a handwritten postcard along with a phone call or perhaps something more creative. Following-up with a personal touch can give your company a bigger presence than your exhibit space may have allowed.


For additional information on sponsorships, contact Sales and Exhibits at 240-290-5609 or exhibits@biophysics.org.


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