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Upcoming Events


November 7– 8, 2013
14th EMBO | EMBL Science and Society Conference
Public & Private Health—Genomics, Medicine and Society
Heidelberg, Germany

November 21–23, 2013
The 15th EMBL PhD Symposium
Competition in Biology: The Race for Survival, from Molecules to Systems
Heidelberg, Germany 13-01/index.html


December 9–13, 2013
Resources for Computational Drug Discovery
Cambridge, United Kingdom

December 22–24, 2013
The XXXVII All India Cell Biology Conference on Cell Dynamics and Cell Fate
Bangalore, Karnataka, India


January 5–10, 2014
Protein Folding Dynamics
From the Computer to the Cell: Protein Folding, Function and Evolution
Galveston, Texas

January 10–15, 2014
Nuclear Receptors: Biological Networks, Genome Dynamics and Disease
Taos, New Mexico