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Volume 109, Issue 10: November 17, 2015

New and Notable

Cell Mechanics: Combining Speed with Precision
Hans M. Wyss
Nucleation: The Birth of a New Protein Phase
Wei-Feng Xue
Nanopore Sequencing: Forcing Improved Resolution
Derek Stein

Biophysical Perspective

Mechanistic Insights into the Modulation of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels by Inhalational Anesthetics
Manuel Covarrubias, Annika F. Barber, Vincenzo Carnevale, Werner Treptow, Roderic G. Eckenhoff


  • The image on the cover of Issue 10 was created using ellipsoid localization microscopy. The authors explain on the BPS blog.
  • Exciting changes are coming to Biophysical Journal. Watch for them in 2016.
  • Biophysical Journal launched BJ Classics in the October 6 issue by revisiting volume 1, page 1 and the seminal article by K. Cole and J. Moore
  • See the Online Now section for new rapid-release articles for Biophysical Journal Special Issues. 

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