Present Your Research at the BPS Annual Meeting

Abstract Deadline: October 2, 2011

What makes the Biophysical Society meeting the most interactive, interdisciplinary meeting around? Is it the fact that it’s the one place where
over 6,500 physicists, chemists, engineers, biochemists, and biologists meet? Or is it the myriad of ways researchers can present their work?

In addition to the presentations by the over 100 invited speakers in the symposia and workshops, the Biophysical Society meeting offers opportunities for scientists at all points of in their careers to share their research through:

  • Over 800 poster presentations scheduled daily;
  • Sixty platform sessions, featuring more than 475 speakers selected from the submitted abstracts and highlighting younger researchers;
  • Four minisymposia, with each featuring six speakers selected from abstracts submitted for each minisymposium topic; and
  • Member-organized sessions.

Don’t see an abstract topic that describes your work? Submit a member-organized proposal by September 19 to be considered for a platform session.


Optogenetics: Development of Novel Optical Tools for Controlling Protein Cellular Behavior
Kevin Gardner, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Chair
Peter Hegemann, Humboldt University, Germany Chandra Tucker, Duke University
Orion Weiner, University of California, San Francisco

Steven Briggs, University of California, San Diego, Chair
Charles Wyman, University of California, Riverside
Sten Stymne, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Michelle Chang, University of California, Berkeley

Measuring Excursions from the “Structure” (X-Ray Crystallography, NMR, Simulations)
Natalie Ahn, University of Colorado, Boulder, Chair
James Fraser, University of California, San Francisco
Lewis Kay, University of Toronto, Canada
Haw Yang, Princeton University

Measuring, Modeling and Designing Protein Recognition Specificity
Ora Schueler-Furman, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Chair
Gevorg Grigoryan, Dartmouth College
Sachdev Sidhu, University of Toronto, Canada
Sarel Fleishman, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Protein Reconstitution in Artificial Membrane Systems
Stephen Sligar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Chair
Kalina Hristova, Johns Hopkins University
Heiko Heerklotz, University of Toronto, Canada
Additional speaker to be announced


Molecular Motors: Stopped or Slowed by Their Tracks
David Warshaw, University of Vermont, and
Ronald Rock, University of Chicago, Co-Chairs

Allosteric Communication in Ring-shaped ATPases
Yale Goldman, University of Pennsylvania, and
Samara Reck-Peterson, Harvard University, Co-Chairs

Optical Recording of Ion Channels
Heping Cheng, Peking University, China, Co-Chair
Additional co-chair to be announced

Ligand-gated Channels
Cynthia Czajkowski, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Co-Chair
Additional co-chair to be announced

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