The Biophysical Society has selected six of its members to join the rank of Fellows of the Biophysical Society.  The six, listed below, will be honored at the 2011 Annual Meeting Award Ceremony on March 6 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Valerie Daggett, University of Washington, for her technical innovations and improvements in the field of molecular dynamic simulation.



Donald M. Engelman, Yale University, for his substantial and highly influential contributions to the field of membrane structure and the interactions of lipid bilayers with proteins.


  Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, NIH, for her groundbreaking advances in optical highlighter fluorescent protein technology and impact on the field of superresolution microscopy.


  Ruth Nussinov, NIH, for her extraordinary contributions to advances in computational biology on both nucleic acids and proteins.



Lynne J. Regan, Yale University for her pioneering research in protein assembly, recognition, and design.




Anthony Watts, University of Oxford, for his significant contributions to the understanding of membrane structure and dynamics involving lipids, proteins, and ligands.




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