Biopolymers In Vivo

The BIV program for February 2, 2013, is now complete! In addition to exciting keynote lectures by Jacqueline Barton and Stefan Hell, there will be a great array of invited speakers, including Yousif Shamoo, Patricia Clark, Jie Xiao, John R. Briggs, and Gael McGill, as well as two talks by early career investigators selected from submitted abstracts: Robert Crawford, Oxford University, United Kingdom, (Single-molecule fluorescence and FRET measurements on internalized proteins in living bacteria) and Rudra Kafle, University of Michigan (Conformational fluctuations of chromosomal DNA in E coli). Both postdoc speakers will receive a travel award, and all speakers are invited to the subgroup dinner.

This year, the BIV subgroup increased its membership by about ten percent. We now have 341 members (including regular and student members). Let’s continue this trend! Everyone interested in questions related to the biophysical impacts of in vivo conditions on biologically important processes and how to investigate these is welcome to become a member of the subgroup.

We hope to welcome you to our session in Philadelphia! All of our events can be found at, click on Program and then Subgroups.

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Chair; Lila Gierasch, Chair-elect

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