2013 New & Notable Symposium

Six speakers were selected for the 2013 New & Notable Symposium from among nearly 170 submissions. The speakers, listed below, will present their work in Philadelphia during the Symposium on Sunday, February 3, at 4:00 pm.


Yann Chemla, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, Insights into Motor Protein Mechanism through Simultaneous High-Resolution Optical Trapping and Single-Molecule Fluorescence Daniel Minor, Jr., University of California, San Francisco, Structure of a Sodium Channel Pore-only Protein
Adam Cohen, Harvard University, All Optical Electrophysiology with Microbial Rhodopsins Josh Wand, University of Pennsylvania, Resolving the Dance of Protein and Solvent by Solution NMR
Lila Gierasch, University of Massachusetts, The Allosterically Active State of an Hsp70 Molecular Chaperone Chenghang Zong, Harvard University, Whole Genome Amplification and Sequencing of Single Human Cells


Jody Puglisi, the chair of the New & Notable Symposium noted, “This year’s New and Notable speakers will present exciting new results on a breathtaking range of topics, including structural biology, ion channels, motor proteins, genomics and biophysical methods. I believe our speaker slate, which includes both junior and senior investigators, reflects the breadth of the Biophysical Society.”

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