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This month, meet Brian Salzberg,
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine,
Associate Editor of the Biophysical Reviews section.




Q: Why did you take on the role as Associate Editor of the Biophysical Reviews section?

I took on the role as Associate Editor of the Biophysical Reviews section of BJ for largely selfish reasons. I like to read pithy reviews of fields other than my own, and this was a wonderful opportunity to influence both the scope, and the focus, of these reviews! With the aid of the Editor-in-Chief, and the other Associate Editors of the Biophysical Journal, I can have real input into the selection of Review subjects and authors.

Q: What makes Reviews published in Biophysical Journal unique or different from reviews published in other journals?

Reviews published in the Biophysical Journal are unique, or at least, unusual in that together, they cover the entire field of biophysics and are not limited in their scope. More than in any other journal, the whole range of biophysics is represented.

Q: What is your area of research?

My area of research is mainly on the application of optical methods to cell physiology and neuroscience. These include multiple site optical recording using voltage-sensitive dyes, voltage-sensitive proteins, and calcium-sensitive molecular probes. We are also interested in light scattering changes, nanometer scale mechanical changes, and intrinsic fluorescence changes, especially those arising from nerve terminals

The Breadth of Biophysical Reviews

Biophysicists are proud of the breadth and interdisciplinary character of our field. But this breadth also makes it difficult to keep up with progress outside our own research specialty. The editors of Biophysical Journal believe that our readers are eager to learn about current research in all areas of biophysics. It is often by reading reviews of topics of current interest in other areas that one makes intellectual connections that might otherwise have been neglected. Thus, aside from contributing to the general culture of biophysics, Biophysical Reviews allow a very broad range of biophysicists to keep up with the most salient developments throughout our discipline. The Biophysical Review Section of BJ has been revitalized since the appointment of Associate Editor Brian Salzberg. The reviews, limited to about five pages, are written by leading authorities in a sub-specialty of biophysics with a broad audience in mind. They are more than just a compilation of recent literature, offering a synthesis that points to where the research is heading. Here are some examples of Biophysical Reviews that have been published in the last few months:

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Towards a Unified View on Physiological Calcium Regulation of Voltage-gated Sodium Channels, Filip Van Petegem, Paolo Lobo and Christopher A. Ahern

Quantitative Intensity-based FRET Approaches—A Comparative Snapshot, André Zeug, Andrew Woehler, Erwin Neher, and Evgeni G. Ponimaskin

Sensing and Responding to Membrane Tension: The Bacterial MscL Channel as a Model System, Irene Iscla and Paul Blount

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Les Loew, Editor-in-Chief and Brian Salzberg, Associate Editor

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