BJ Board: New Editors Named

On July 1, new editors were named to the Editorial Board of Biophysical Journal. Michael Pusch, Biophysics Institute, CNR, Italy and Peter Hunter, University of Auckland, New Zealand replaced Eduardo Perozo and Les Loew as Associate Editors. Brian Salzberg, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine will now head the Biophysical Reviews section as Associate Editor. In addition, 19 new editors joined the Editorial Board in the Sections listed below.

Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Enrique De La Cruz, Yale University
Ashok Deniz, Scripps Research Institute
Patricia Jennings,University of California, San Diego

Channels and Transporters

Joseph Mindell, National Institutes of Health,NINDS
Ian Forster
, University of Zurich Irchel, Switzerland

Cell Biophysics

Rong Li, Stowers, Institute of Medical Research
Rick Horwitz, University of Virginia
Dave Piston, Vanderbilt University
Mark Cannell, University of Bristol, United Kingdom


Simon Scheuring, INSERM; Andreas Engel, Case
Western Reserve University

Systems Biophysics

James Sneyd, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Jeff Fredberg, Harvard School of Public Health
Dennis Bray, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Sean Sun, Johns Hopkins University

Molecular Machines, Motors and Nanoscale Biophysics

Fazly Ataullakhanov, National Research Center Hematology, Russia
Matthias Rief, Technischen University, Germany
David Rueda, Wayne State University

To view a complete list of Editorial Board Members go to www.cell/biophysj/EdBoard

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