BJ  2011 Most Downloaded Papers

Below is the list of the 25 most downloaded articles in 2011 from Biophysical Journal. Visit to read the full articles.


1.   Ultra-High Resolution Imaging by Fluorescence Photoactivation Localization Microscopy
      Samuel T. Hess, Thanu P.K. Girirajan, Michael D. Mason

2.   What Drives Amyloid Molecules to Assemble into Oligomers and Fibrils?
      Jeremy D. Schmit, Kingshuk Ghosh, Ken Dill

3.   Precise Nanometer Localization Analysis for Individual Fluorescent Probes
      Russell E. Thompson, Daniel R. Larson, Watt W. Webb

4.   STED Nanoscopy of Actin Dynamics in Synapses Deep Inside Living Brain Slices
      Nicolai T. Urban, Katrin I. Willig, Stefan W. Hell, U. Valentin Nägerl

5.   Cell Movement Is Guided by the Rigidity of the Substrate
      Chun-Min Lo, Hong-Bei Wang, Micah Dembo, Yu-li Wang

6.   Super-Resolution Imaging of the Nucleoid-Associated Protein HU in Caulobacter crescentus
      Steven F. Lee, Michael A. Thompson, Monica A. Schwartz, Lucy Shapiro, W.E. Moerner

7.   How Robust Are Protein Folding Simulations with Respect to Force Field Parameterization?
      Stefano Piana, Kresten Lindorff-Larsen, David E. Shaw

8.   Cell Shape and Substrate Rigidity Both Regulate Cell Stiffness
      Shang-You Tee, Jianping Fu, Christopher S. Chen, Paul A. Janmey

9.   Nanoscopy in a Living Multicellular Organism Expressing, GFP
      Brian R. Rankin, Gael Moneron, Christian A. Wurm, Jessica C. Nelson, Arne Walter,Dirk Schwarzer,
      Jörg Schroeder, Daniel A. Colón-Ramos, Stefan W. Hell

10. Superresolution Imaging of Multiple Fluorescent Proteins with Highly Overlapping
      Emission Spectra in Living Cells

      Mudalige S.Gunewardene, Fedor V. Subach, Travis J. Gould, Gregory P. Penoncello,
      Manasa V. Gudheti, Vladislav V. Verkhusha, Samuel T. Hess

11. Phase Resetting and Phase Locking in Hybrid Circuits of One Model and One Biological Neuron
      S.A. Oprisan, A.A. Prinz, C.C. Canavier

12. Elucidating the Role of Matrix Stiffness in 3D Cell Migration and Remodeling
       M. Ehrbar, A. Sala, P. Lienemann, A. Ranga, K. Mosiewicz, A. Bittermann, S.C. Rizzi, F.E. Weber, M.P. Lutolf

13. Mechanism of Membrane Curvature Sensing by Amphipathic Helix Containing Proteins
      Haosheng Cui, Edward Lyman, Gregory A. Voth

14. STED Nanoscopy Reveals Molecular Details of Cholesterol- and Cytoskeleton-Modulated
      Lipid Interactions in Living Cells

      V. Mueller, C. Ringemann, A. Honigmann, G. Schwarzmann, R. Medda, M. Leutenegger,
      S. Polyakova, V.N. Belov, S.W. Hell, C. Eggeling

15. Three-Dimensional Resolution Doubling in Wide-Field Fluorescence Microscopy by Structured Illumination
      Mats G.L. Gustafsson, Lin Shao, Peter M. Carlton, C. J. Rachel Wang, Inna N. Golubovskaya, W. Zacheus Cande,
      David A. Agard, John W. Sedat

16. Single-Cell Adhesion Tests against Functionalized Microspheres Arrayed on AFM Cantilevers Confirm
      Heterophilic E- and N-Cadherin Binding

      Chawin Ounkomol, Soichiro Yamada, Volkmar Heinrich

17. Microsecond Simulations Indicate that Ethanol Binds between Subunits and Could Stabilize
      an Open-State Model of a Glycine Receptor

      Samuel Murail, Björn Wallner, James R. Trudell, Edward Bertaccini, Erik Lindahl

18. Microsecond Single-Molecule Tracking (@ms-SMT)
      Stefan Semrau, Anna Pezzarossa, Thomas Schmidt

19. Identifying Molecular Dynamics in Single-Molecule FRET Experiments with Burst Variance Analysis
      Joseph P. Torella, Seamus J. Holden, Yusdi Santoso, Johannes Hohlbein, Achillefs N. Kapanidis

20. An Oxygen Scavenging System for Improvement of Dye Stability in Single-Molecule Fluorescence Experiments
      Colin Echeverría Aitken, R. Andrew Marshall, Joseph D. Puglisi

21. Cross-Correlated Fluctuation Analysis Reveals Phosphorylation-Regulated Paxillin-FAK
      Complexes in Nascent Adhesions

      Colin K. Choi, Jessica Zareno, Michelle A. Digman, Enrico Gratton, Alan Rick Horwitz

22. Reaching the Information Limit in Cryo-EM of Biological Macromolecules: Experimental Aspects
      Robert M. Glaeser, Richard J. Hall

23. Defining the Limits of Single-Molecule FRET Resolution in TIRF Microscopy
      Seamus J. Holden, Stephan Uphoff, Johannes Hohlbein, David Yadin, Ludovic Le Reste,
      Oliver J. Britton, Achillefs N. Kapanidis

24. Cell Spreading and Focal Adhesion Dynamics Are Regulated by Spacing of Integrin Ligands
      Elisabetta Ada Cavalcanti-Adam, Tova Volberg, Alexandre Micoulet, Horst Kessler, Benjamin Geiger, Joachim Pius Spatz

25. Dynamic Superresolution Imaging of Endogenous Proteins on Living Cells at Ultra-High Density
      Gregory Giannone, Eric Hosy, Florian Levet, Audrey Constals, Katrin Schulze, Alexander I. Sobolevsky,
      Michael P. Rosconi
, Eric Gouaux, Robert Tampé, Daniel Choquet, Laurent Cognet

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